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Faculty of Business Studies has been established with a vision of driving change in the business world that involves teaching the students the fundamentals, theories, and processes of business. The program will comprise of preparation for management and general business, or a detailed - more corporate - focus on a specific area. The Program typically includes basic subjects such as Accounting, Marketing, Finance, and Operations Management. It gives the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values needed for the world of work, whether in the formal or informal sectors. It encourages one to think about how people start in business and why you too might consider starting a business. Business Studies also allows the student to get a good understanding of the basics of the business, how to profitably conduct business, how to create business opportunities, solve problems and apply leadership and management skills. The curriculum of Business Studies equips the students to make wise decisions about saving and spending the money now and throughout the life of a particular business. Having learnt the commerce and management subjects the plethora of opportunities in the fields of accountancy, finance, sales, marketing, and general management open up for the students.

Our Vision

Educate leaders for Business and Society

Our Mission

It provides both long-term strategic guidance to the leaders of tomorrow and giving them transformative education experience during their stay at GNA University. Faculty of Business Studies also aims at giving shape to the innovative ideas of budding leaders to transform Society as a part and country as a whole.

Core Values

  • Global Learning Experience: Faculty of Business Studies created the environment to provide Global Learning Experience. Foreign Visiting Faculty adds to the knowledge bucket of students. Summer Internships in other countries also add on to their experience of outside world.
  • Relevant and Effective Education: The Curriculum developed by the Faculty of Business Studies aimed at reducing the Industry and Academia Gaps and aims at enhancing the employability of the candidates taking education in GNA University.

Faculty Members

S. No. Name of the Teacher Designation Educational Qualification
1 Dr. Vivek Mittal Professor PHD, MBA(Marketing), MBA (HR)
2 Dr. Dharmvir Uppal Associate Professor Ph.D, PGDBA, BE
3 Ms. Amanpreet Kaur Assistant Professor NET,MBA,BBA,
4 Ms. Deepti Thakur Assistant Professor MBA,B.Com
5 Ms. Rajveer Kaur Assistant Professor MBA,BBA
6 Ms. Neetu Assistant Professor M.Com,B.Com,Pusuing LLB
7 Mr. Ramandeep Singh Assistant Professor MBA (Finance & Marketing),B.Com
8 Ms. Jaswinder Kaur Assistant Professor MBA (Finance & Marketing),B.Com (Prof.)
9 Ms. Payal Ahuja Assistant Professor MBA(HR & Finance), BBA
10 Dr. Jashandeep Singh Assistant Professor PHD, MBA, B.A.
11 Mr. Sameer Varma Assistant Professor MCOM,PGDBM,
12 Mr. Rajnish Chopra Assistant Professor MBA(MKT & HR),Bsc. (NM)
13 Mr. Rishab Sharma Assistant Professor MBA,B.Com
14 Ms. Isha Chaggar Assistant Professor MBA(Finance & Mkt.),B.Com(P)
15 Ms. Kanika Joshi Assistant Professor MBA (Finance ),B.Com
16 Ms. Aditi Kalra Assistant Professor MBA,B.Ed,
17 Mr. Karan Vij Assistant Professor PGDM (Finance , Marketing),B.Tech(CSE)
18 Ms. Mandeep Kaur Assistant Professor MBA,
19 Ms. Neetika Sahi Assistant Professor MCA,BCA
20 Ms. Anu Sharma Assistant Professor MBA(HR)
21 Ms. Monika Hanspal Assistant Professor Ph.D(Pursuing),NET,M.Phil,M.Com,PGDIB
22 Mr. Aditya Assistant Professor MBA (Finance),
23 Ms. Sarbjit Kaur Teaching Assistant M.Com,B.Com
24 Ms. Harleen Kaur Teaching Assistant M.Com,B.Com
25 Ms. Komal Teaching Assistant M.Com, B.Com
26 Ms. Prabhpreet Kaur Teaching Assistant M.Com,B.Com(P)
27 Ms. Sakshi Sharma Teaching Assistant M.Com,B.Com

The department organizes workshops, series of guest lectures by the industry practioners and academicians from reputed organizations of the country throughout the year. In order to give the practical exposure to the working of the industry students are sent on the industrial visits to different places every year.

Degree Programs offered by Faculty of Business Studies are -

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Honors) (BCom H)
  • BBA/B.Com (H) with Certified Management Analyst (CMA)

Level Of Program Name Of Program Minimum Eligibility with 50% Marks
Post Graduate MBA Graduation any stream
Graduate BBA 12th Any Stream
Graduate B.Com (Honors) 12th Any Stream