About IVDP

At GU, Village adoption program is initiated to develop the selected villages in an integrated manner and to create awareness in the village and play effective leadership role in various developmental activities. This would include socio-economic development of the selected villages along with other aspects of human development i.e., Health, education, water supply, sanitation, skill development and employment ,sports and women and child development issues etc. The aim of adoption of village is to give ideas of development to the villagers which would improve their living conditions. We will educate villagers about the latest developments in agriculture, wastelands development, sanitation, nutrition and personal hygiene, schemes for skill development, income generation, government schemes, legal aid etc.

Five villages are adopted by GNA University under the IVDP program :

  • Ranipur
  • Lakhpur
  • Rawalpindi
  • Dhaddey
  • Khatti