MBA – Advertising and Communication mgmt.

MBA – Advertising and Communication mgmt.


This program will expose students to different facets of advertising like compaign planning and management, media planning while equipping them with the approach and tactics in planning and co-ordination of various events.

Job prospects

Job opportunities in advertising include openings in private advertising agencies; advertising departments of private and public sector companies. Job seekers can also find openings in newspapers, journals, magazines; commercial section of radio or television; market research organizations and so on. One can also work as a freelancer.Advertising manager, sales manager, public relations director, creative director, copy writer, and marketing communications manager are some of the major job opportunities in this field.


  • To create a brand image.
  • To impart knowledge about the brand i.e. to transmit information.
  • To create awareness.
  • To increase the desire of people in buying the product thus stimulating demand.
  • To increase sales thereby encouraging action from the target audience.
  • To affect an individual’s image towards the brand and persuade the audience to purchase the product or use the service.