MBA – Operations and Technology Management

MBA – Operations and Technology Management


Operations and Technology management is a truly multidisciplinary field that integrates personnel and project management skills with solid knowledge of technological systems and operations. Its purpose is critical: to ensure competitive advantage for organizations through the effective incorporation and development of technology.

Job prospects

As industries continue to become more technology focused, workers with the leadership skills to be effective technology managers will be in high demand. Companies need knowledgeable technology managers to ensure that their computing and technical systems are up-to-date, efficient and secure. Besides the obvious job opportunities in various technology and engineering sectors, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects employment growth in consulting services and healthcare organizations.


To provide strong conceptual base in all the facets of Management like Marketing, Finance, Human Resources Management, Quantitatives, MIS and Business Policy areas and develop skills required for application of concepts to real life business situations.

To bridge the knowledge gap in management education with the focused inputs on Operations and technology management to meet the challenging requirements of contemporary technology driven organisations.

To equip the students with analytical frame of mind to comprehend and handle complex issues in relation to Management of Technology, viz., Technology Forecasting, Search, Selection, Transfer and Creation of New Technology.