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Motivational Talk under “Stop Being Blind”

  • 04-01-2018

GNA University organized a motivational talk on “Leaders of the Future: Leading and Succeeding through Integrity, Innovation and Inspiration” under the campaign “Stop Being Blind”. The talk was delivered by Mr. Simerjeet Singh, an international motivational speaker, for an international peer to peer (P2P) challenge being sponsored by Near East South Asia Council of Overseas Schools (NESA) which deals with maximizing student learning for the social environment they reside in. The theme given by them was based on countering threats of violent extremism recruitment and radicalization in India. Based on this theme, the students of GNA University identified politics and fanatic ideologies used by the politicians lead towards radicalization and violent extremism by the people.

The session was divided into two parts. In the first session, he highlighted the need to eradicate the negativity prevalent in the society and discussed the challenges faced by the society. He stressed on the needs to apply our own critical thinking ability on all the daily situations and act wisely instead of simply following others without realizing the impact it does on us and on the society.
The second session was based on cultivating the creativity of the students and inspiring them to become great leaders through integrity, innovation and inspiration. He had an interactive session with the students and displayed them the importance of critical thinking and intelligence that needs focus not only in the students’ life but throughout their professional career.
The talk concluded with a motivational message to always stay positive in life no matter what and keep searching for the professional goal of life that will suffice them ultimate happiness.
The session was attended by 120 graduating students of Computer Science.
S Gurdeep Singh Sihra, Pro Chancellor, GNA University encouraged and motivated the students by saying, “You can’t live a positive life by staying negative. So, believe you can and you are halfway there.”

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