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The Faculty of Hospitality, GNA University organized

  • 15-01-2019

The Faculty of Hospitality, GNA University organized "Wine Appreciation Session", on the campus in the Advanced Training Restaurant on 15-January-2019. The event was organized by all students and staff from the "Faculty of Hospitality " departments.
The Theme of Wine Tasting Session was "Wine Appreciation Session". The Basic Objective of this Event was to intensify students with the knowledge of Wines, its types, how are they prepared and how to drink them.

Ms Seema Trehan represented on the behalf of Sula Vineyards as a Sommelier for the wine appreciation session where she shared her experience in guiding students of GU in sensory examination & evaluation of wines.
The Session started at 2pm in the afternoon in the Advanced Training Restaurant where she was welcomed and greeted by our honorable Vice Chancellor Mr V.K. Rattan.
In the session the sommelier made students understand about the perceived flavors, aromas & characteristics of SHIRAZ i.e. Red wine, SAUVIGNON BLANC & CHENIN BLANC i.e. white wines & SULA BRUT i.e. Sparkling wine.
She discussed about the key points/steps in the tasting: colour, swirl, smell, taste & savour. These are also known as "five S"
1)  SEE
4)  SIP
She also made students aware of some unique wines that Sula is producing, making them the only vineyard to produce the same in India like the Riesling and Blanc de Noir Sparkling wine.
Mr Varinder Singh Rana our honourable Dean of Hospitality delivered a boasting speech to end the session and boosting the confidence of students for future prospects.
It was a very interactive session and students discussed their doubts and queries in between the session.

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