B.A. Honours in English

The program of BA HonoursEnglish deals with the study of literature in English across the world.

B.A. Honours in English

B.A. English Honours is full time 3 year Degree program. The objective of this program is to help to evaluate ideas and values from a humanistic and a theoretical/critical perspective. Along with the in-depth study of the culture and literature of other lands and times, language studies are integrated with the various fields of linguistics. The approach of the Program is inter-disciplinary in the hope that students Under-graduating in English Honours will develop a holistic perspective not only of literature but also of other related disciplines such as History, Sociology and Gender Studies.

Program Highlights

  • Bachelor of Arts with English Honours will help to build the students personality and it will also help the students in future by collaborating with many fields such as mass communication, editing, eligibility for many competitive exams.
  • The course provides a strong background in the study of English. This particular program stresses upon diversity, literary analysis, written and oral communication skills and critical thinking through a rigorous curriculum of literature, composition, language and linguistics, and communication studies.
  • It will cultivate the students ability to look at and evaluate literary texts as a field of study and as part of the wider network of local and global culture

Semester Wise Subjects

Semester 1

Sr. No. Course Title
1 English Grammar
2 Elements of Literature
3 Introduction to Political Science and Public Policy
4 Popular Short Stories
5 English Poetry I (Renaissance- 1300 to Romanticism 1850)
6 Communication Skills

Semester 2

Sr. No. Course Title
1 Phonetics and Spoken English
2 English Prose
3 Environmental Science
4 English Poetry II ( Victorian 1901- to Present)
5 Advanced Grammar and Composition
6 Technical Writing

Semester 3

Sr. No. Course Title
1 Literary Criticism
2 Indian Literature in English
3 Basics of Computer Applications
4 English Fiction
5 English Drama
6 Presentation Skills

Semester 4

Sr. No. Course Title
1 Indian Literature in Translation
2 American Literature
3 Basics of Psychology
4 Greek Literature
5 Children’s Literature
6 Career Skills

Semester 5

Sr. No. Course Title
1 History of English Literature
2 Contemporary Literature
3 History of Ideas
4 Women Novelist
5 Journalistic Writing
6 Etiquette and Manners

Semester 6

Sr. No. Course Title
1 Literary Theories
2 Creative Writing
3 Basic Research Methodology
4 Translation Practice and Application
5 Dissertation
6 Critical Thinking

Elective Courses

Sr. No. Course Code Course Name
1 PRAS 101 Prominent Author Studies
2 FIST 101 Film Studies
3 BOCA 101 Bollywood Calling
4 POEN 101 Popular English
5 AAPR 101 Advertising and Public Relation
6 HIOE 101 History of England
7 HIOA 101 History of America
8 LILI 101 Living Literature

Career Opportunities

The Graduates can find a variety of career opportunities in fields where critical thinking and communication skills are highly valued. Employers appreciate the ability of such graduates to research effectively, analyze rigorously, and communicate with style.

Career Pathways:

  • Writer
  • Web Content Manager
  • Newspaper Journalist
  • Lexicographer
  • English as a foreign language teacher
  • Editorial assistant
  • Publishing copy-editor/proofreader
  • Digital copywriter
  • Civil Services


Prospective Government & Private Sector Companies where child can work after completion of B.A. English Honours

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