B. Com With CIMA

To provide advanced knowledge in Commerce specializations.

B. Com With CIMA

B. Com With CIMA

In addition to B. Com, GNA Business School in collaboration with Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), India also provides a certified degree of Management Accountants to its students.

Officially, management accountants are an aid to businesses all over the world which help them in managing their finances. These management accountants are business leaders. Innovators. Decision makers and Forecasters. The presence of management accountants is necessitated in all kinds of companies, public and private, big and small.

On a daily basis, they interpret financial data, prepare reports and use business knowledge to help management make decisions. They’ll always be analysing the future and figuring out ways to improve things for the company.


CIMA aims to create well established and qualified management accountants who are competent enough to admit the following roles in the business world:

  • Analyse data, forecasts and budgets to help leaders make decisions
  • Create reports to be used internally
  • Compile information looking at the future, not the past
  • Are responsive – whatever information the business needs, they’ll provide it
  • Measure operational, as well as financial, performance
  • Can focus on specific parts of the business
  • Look at qualitative and quantitative data

Career Opportunities

Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) is one of the most popular undergraduate degree programs in terms of lucrative career opportunities and wide exposure in the field of Accounting and Taxation. B. Com degree offers a diverse variety of career options and opportunities to the aspiring students.

Through the development of a sharp business acumen, It also prepares one to incubate a business of their own in the capacity of an entrepreneur.

Apart from accounting & commerce and banking, finance & insurance, B. Com (H) is a lucrative course option for career and jobs in management, teaching, advertising, journalism, mass communication, law, public sector, etc. B. Com (H) is the ideal choice for CA and CS aspirants since they learn different aspects of Accounting, Law and Taxation simultaneously.

Career Pathway:
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Finance Manager
  • Management Consultant
  • Management Accountant
  • Finance Business Partner
  • Financial Accountant
  • Business Analyst
  • Accounts Assistant


In order to be a Certified Management Accountant, a student needs to clear the following levels of CIMA exam along with a Management Case Study exam at each level to earn the much acclaimed CIMA degree.

Level 1: Operational Level
  • E1- Managing Finance in a Digital World
  • P1- Management Accounting
  • F1- Financial Reporting

Level 2: Management Level
  • E2- Managing Performance
  • P2- Advanced Management Accounting
  • F2- Advanced Financial Reporting
Level 3: Strategic Level
  • E3- Strategic Management
  • P3- Risk Management
  • F3- Financial Strategy

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