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Calendar of Activities on Promotion of Gender Equity & Sensitization

To create a conductive counselling environment for female gender to share problems, GNA University is planning to organize varios programs to encourage girls to participate in women related issues and tries to sensitize the youth gender reality as a goal to empower women. The proposed annual action plans from 2015 – 2020

1. 8th March 2016 Women’s Day celebration
2. 18th September 2016 Seminar on “Women and Law”
3. 18th January 2017 An Awareness Workshop on Emotional Abuse
4. 8th March 2017 A session on “Women Equality”
5. 27th May 2017 Walk Fearless – A Call against Women Abusers
6. 7th March 2018 Pehchan Yatra
7. 12th November 2018 An Interactive Session on “Women Empowerment”
8. 8th March 2019 International Women’s Day: Run for Nine”
9. 17th October 2019 Guest Lecture on “Women in the society and Challenges”
10. 18th January 2020 Expert Guidance on “A way to Women’s Healthy Lifestyle”
11. 8th March 2020 Women’s Day Celebration
12. 23rd March 2021 Itinerary Preparation – An Important Industrial Skill
13. 2nd April 2021 Careers in Radio and In Entertainment Industry
14.   Participation of Girl Students in NCC