Guest Lecture Details

Guest Lecture Details

Guest Lecture on ‘Entrepreneurship & Innovation’

  • 04-04-2016

Mr.Sandeep Toor,Chief executive ,Hawkins cookers limited(Hoshiarpur) visited GNA University to deliver a guest lecture on the topic Entrepreneurship & Innovation for MBA 2nd & 4th semester students.It was an hour and a half long interaction with the students on how innovation and entrepreneurship go hand on hand.He made it more simple by giving some examples & one the example coated by him was FACEBOOK probably almost everybody is aware of the story behind Facebook: The Harvard student,who developed a site by hacking Harvard’s network,then got into legal problems for it,then started a new website,and got into more legal problems. Then he had an idea that led to an opportunity that created something new .Now,his website is one of the most visited and popular website.This session was interesting as concept was explained with real examples .

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