Guest Lecture Details

Guest Lecture Details

Guest Lecture on Bridging Gap Between Industry and Academia

  • 04-04-2016

Expert Lecture by Col S K Sharma, Sr. Technical Advisor, Polaris India Pvt. Ltd  Speaking on the theme of On “Bridging Gap between Academia on Industry” Col S K Sharma sketched the wherewithals of success to students of FET and Management (MBA+BBA), in a very Inspiring and well instructed mode.
Col Sharma recounted the student’s added role to strengthen pathways to students’ development in the four walls of institute. He had aptly sketched the template of the challenging environment where only 25 % of students were employable, before proceeding on to identify the gaps. He narrated with apt examples say, the case study of Polaris India pvt ltd, as to how to plug them.  Citing some requirements from Army and Civil, he listed the traits around which students should work with zeal to ensure they made a successful career based upon knowledge and consistency. With exemplars drawn from these endorsed how newer challenges were identified, and how these were overcome in order to affirm success while concluding the session Prof P Thareja, Dean GNA University spoke on the need of a focused and strategic work scheduling such that the students should amass the very knowledge inventory fit enough to designate them a brand – within the chosen band of interests and development domains.

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