Guest Lecture Details

Guest Lecture Details

Aeromodelling Instructions

  • 15-01-2016

The Aeromodelling club of GU had the pleasure of Tete-a-Tete with Mr. Manjiv Singh Bhogal and Gurmeet Singh, primarily targeting to discover the saga about designing and flying of airplanes. Initially Mr Manjiv Singh flew the drone around the campus and demonstrated Arial photography.
The commercial pilot cum aeromodelling instructor with UAV Chandigarh explained how unmanned aviation need not merely be an extra-curricular activity but could also be a career on both Dec 30, 2015 and flew prototypes in GNA University on Jan 12, 2016. He said it improves vision and approach towards holistic development of students who practiced Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) training to the students of GNA University as this gave students an outlook of aircraft designing from the weight balancing to performance evaluation. Using this as a stepping stone for discover hidden potential to explore the whole new world of Unmanned Aviation.

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