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At GNA University you can graduate with workplace experience & the skills employers want.

The Corporate Relations Division team plays an important role in locating job/career opportunities for students in the final year of their studies passing from GNA University. With live and shared industry network GNA University holds a special stature when it comes to get our students jobs / careers related with latest skills. With its mission to create Industry 4.o professional Corporate Relations Division ensures a very rigorous and practical fun-based placement prep program for students from all backgrounds.

Career Development starts from year 2 where students are encouraged to create an individual development plan which helps them adapt more easily to 'self-paced ‘learning solutions suggested, offered during their studies at campus. Staying in touch with reputed firms and industrial establishments. The department operates round the year to facilitate contacts between industry and academia. The number of students placed through campus interviews is on continuous rise. On invitation, many reputed industries visit the institute to conduct interviews.

Students are encouraged to engage industry via visits, social networking, events and opting for Industry projects along with mandatory trainings during their studies.

Apart from these essentials the real catalyst is the global academic alliances GNA University operates through Corporate Relations Division. This enhances student's possibilities during their studies for a global career many folds. These initiatives are backed by GLOBAL INTERNSHIPS where students get to spend 6 months with best startups, industry brands for 6 months during the end of their degree course (if applicable, not mandatory for all courses) which allows them to explore the best of the career options instantly.

CRD Team offers:

  • Training assistance for business communication
  • Specialized placement prep program for all courses
  • Foreign Language Center
  • Global certifications in all latest skills that ensures a robust and successful career globally
  • Global internships/placements
  • India Placements
  • Industry training with top brands
  • Entrepreneurship opportunities via in campus EDC

Come be part of a self-nurturing journey at GNA University and explore the latest career options.

See you at GNA campus!

Placement Prep Program

Placement Prep outline - 4-year courses

Year 1 Interest Identification Skill mapping with interest Business Communication
Year 2 Skill awareness Mentorship on skill acquisition Industrial Training (2 weeks)
Year 3 Global / Tech Certification Placement Prep Program Industrial Training (6 weeks)
Year 4 Globally certified Final Project Industrial Training (6 months) / Final Placement/ Global internship

Placement Prep outline - 3-year courses

Year 1 Interest Identification and mapping Business Communication Skill awareness
Year 2 Mentorship on skill acquisition Global / Tech Certification Industrial Training (6 weeks)
Year 3 Globally certified Final Project Industrial Training (6 months) / Final Placement/ Global internship

Global Internships

A global internship is sure a proven way to build knowledge and skills before entering into the real career domains as a potential candidate. An international internship provides an extreme exposure for work culture experience and helps to gain competitiveness that leads to a successful career. It also provides opportunity for growth and progression, it also contributes more towards knowledge and exposure. The advantages are that it is a good source of building an international network, and who knows you can also get a chance to work with international companies.

Things which will benefit you:

  • International connections and network.
  • One can obtain professional foreign language skills.
  • You’ll earn work experience in your field at a great company.
  • You may leverage your experience after coming back home.
  • You'll get to know skills acquired and needed from a global perspective.
  • They are both paid and unpaid so GNA University can help you choose which fits in your requirement and application process and everything is handled by on campus team.

Entrepreneurship Development / Incubation Center:

GNA University is backed by a 150 Million USD group GNA Gears. We are always looking for that spark which can be nourished and converted into next viral sensation as likes of Business, trends, creativity and we have on campus Entrepreneurship Development Center to address that appetite of address that kick to convert a simple idea into something which may affect millions in a productive way and help create a future breed of Entrepreneurs.

From concept development to final commercialization stage beyond prototype we can guide with our team of global experts from all walks of business domain to ensure you are in safe and encouraging hands.

Assessment Based Career Counselling

If you are looking to explore an option with GNA University as a student, we recommend you to take a simple test called GNA career-egde. Once this test is done, you will get a report and our team will be more than happy to explain how it will benefit you with your career decisions. Don’t worry, it’s free and you may keep the report too for future reference.