Industrial Visit Details

Industrial Visit Details

Industrial Visit for BBA-I in GNA Duraparts Ltd., Mehtiana

  • 15-10-2015

Industrial visit to GNA Duraparts Ltd, Mehtiana was conducted by Faculty of Business studies, GNA University, Phagwara. Students(70 no.s) and faculty were treated with refreshments before the industrial tour. Ms. Mandeep (HR Deputy Manager) provided us with two expert representatives from the industry to guide us for the industry tour. Students were divided into two slots guided by one representative each.
Firstly, they took the students to the Steel Yard where all the raw material is kept in the form of steel and iron bars. Next is the Forging Section where the raw material is hammered into a rough shape with the use of a pneumatic hammer.
The semi finish components are then sent for induction hardening. High voltage electricity is used for heating up the material and it is later kept for cooling in the same area.
Dry Cutting is done at the cutting section. No fluid is used for cutting the components. After the dry cutting, components are taken to the HT Section where the components are heated at a specific degree in a big furnace to increase the durability and rigidity of the components. Quenching Oil is used to cool down the heated components. Short Blasting Furnace is used to clean and shine. Durability, rigidity and accuracy of the spare parts are tested at Metallurgical lab.
Overall it was a very valuable and informative experience.

Report prepared by: Ms.Aditi Kalra (Co-ordinator BBA)

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