Industrial Visit Details

Industrial Visit Details

Industrial visit 1

  • 01-02-2018

Aerospace students visited Vikram Sarabhai Space Museum cum Rocket Launching Station and the students also saw RH-200 sound rocket launching, the rockets in the series of Rohini are designated with the letters RH, followed by a number corresponding to the diameter (in millimetres) of the rocket, which is launched from the Thumba Equitorial Rocket Launching Station (TERLS) in Thumba.
The students learned the basics of Rocket and Spacecraft, different stages and what kind of propellants used in various stages. The students also came to know about different types of Spacecraft Engines along with their technical specifications and different stage conditions like as solid propellant, liquid propellant and cryogenic engines. In the nutshell, students came to know about working and launching of Rockets.

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