Industrial Visit Details

Industrial Visit Details

Visit to GNA Aviations

  • 04-10-2016

B.Tech civil engineering, Faculty of engineering and technology Students of GNA university, visited GNA Aviations. A division of GNA Group having hanger for 3 private jets and a full fledged air strip for providing a take off and landing area The trained faculty of GNA Civil Engineering department guided the students to do plane table surveying in the real time field for the very first time and provided them a practical experience of working in field. Students learned to use typical surveying instruments like total station and theodolite in field conditions. The most charming exposure is the preparation of the sheet drawn by students as a result of their hard work. I would like to share few moments of students working under shining sun to learn the jobs which will make them employable after completion of their degree.

Campus Life

The University provides excellent facilties to the students.

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