Industrial Visit Details

Industrial Visit Details

Industrial visit to the UshaMartin, Hoshiarpur

  • 02-04-2016

The Faculty of Engineering and Technology organized industrial visit to the UshaMartin, Hoshiarpur dated 18-02-2016.  Mr. Vinod, engineer Wire drawing Division, welcomes the students at UshaMartin and gives the brief introduction about industry and its joint ventures in foreign countries and range of products manufactured in Hoshiarpur plant. He also stated the importance of knowledge for a student to become an engineer and how to add value to any industry.  It was a very informative visit as students came to know about the drawing process for manufacturing of wires and how wire strands are used in the production of ropes. He describes the different processes used in the wire drawing and machines used in the industry. Mr. Harpreet Singh, Engineer Quality Department, discussed the importance of quality for any product and how quality control enhances in development of industry. He also demonstrated practical on the Universal Testing Machine, for students to understand need of quality/strength of raw material required for final production. Mr. Arun, Engineer Ropery Division, explains the concepts of Tubular Stranding of wires and how wire strands are assembled by machine to manufacture a rope.

Name of Faculty:  Faculty of Engineering and Technology

Name of the Activity:  Industrial Visit

Date and Venue:  18 Feb., 2016, UshaMartin, Hoshiarpur

Audience:  B. Tech. 4th Sem. Mechanical Engineering, B. Tech. 2nd Sem. Automotive Engineering

Total Number of Participants:  59

Duration of Activity:  10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

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