Industrial Visit Details

Industrial Visit Details

Visit to Sharp Chucks and Machines Pvt. Ltd

  • 17-10-2016

Faculty of Design and Innovation (CAD/CAM) organized a 1 Day Industrial Visit to Sharp Chucks and Machines Pvt. Ltd for the students of B.Tech Mechanical and Automation Engineering. More than 60 students participated in it enthusiastically. The students learned about the concepts of sand casting, core making, metal pouring and casting sand preparation. Sand Casting is widely used in the various industries across the globe on very large scale due to its cost effectiveness. They also learned about the complete process of product development with casting and its varied applications. Understanding of the sand preparation and pattern development will assist the students to understand the manufacturing approach of various components and will be of crucial use in the understanding of product development in CAD tools and Digital Manufacturing in CAM tools. This visit proved very fruitful and knowledgeable for all the students.

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