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M.Tech. CE Geo Technical (Full Time)

Civil Engineering is the practice of improving and maintaining the built environment to enhance the quality of life for the present and future generation.

M.Tech. CE Geo Technical (Full Time)

“Civil Engineering is the practice of improving and maintaining the built environment to enhance the quality of life for the present and future generation.”

Civil Engineering is one of the oldest and largest fields in this discipline and it offers graduates the opportunity to get involved in projects that enhance humanity’s quality of life. As the broadest engineering discipline at GNA, it also offers an incredible range of specialisation options such as Structural engineering and Geo-Technical Engineering.

M.Tech in Geo-Technical engineering at GNA involves the application of principles of soil mechanics and rock mechanics for investigation and study of subsurface materials and conditions. Such findings help deduce important information about physical materials, subsurface materials and structures, and their chemical and mechanical properties. Soil, rock, bedrock, and fault distribution properties of the project site are also studied in detail. Studying such properties helps divulge more about the engineering properties of earth materials beneath the surface of the site. Other than that, such study also helps assess risk from natural hazards such as wind, earthquakes, landslides, etc. Based on such findings and assessments, Geotechnical Engineers plan the design and construction of foundation and/or other support structures. At the stage of construction of risk-proof structures, inputs from Geotechnical Engineers are taken into consideration wherever required. Similarly, geotechnical engineering’s principles are applied in construction of other manmade structures such as dams, bridges, roads, tunnels, skyscrapers, ports, railway lines, and commercial buildings.

This program prepares students to enter the workforce with advanced skills or pursue further studies in a doctoral program. The M. Tech degree can increase competitiveness in the job market, advance an existing career, or serve as a gateway to a Ph.D. degree.

Program Highlights

  • An open access and multidisciplinary journal named GJMT (GNA Journal of Management & Technology) provide a research platform and tool for research scholars.
  • Post Graduate students have worked in collaboration with ESAT University, Tunisia, to carry out their research activities.
  • Workshops, Industrial Visits and Seminars are conducted to enrich the students with industry related technical knowledge and hands on experience.
  • Students get benefit from guest lectures on the latest innovations in both established and emerging fields.

Semester Wise Subjects

Semester 1

Sr. No. Course Title
1 Numerical method of engineering
2 Pavement analysis & Design
3 Finite Element Analysis
4 Material Technology
5 Research Methodology
6 Energy Environment and Safety Management System
7 Material Technology Laboratory
8 Disaster Management

Semester 2

Sr. No. Course Title
1 Elective I
2 Elective II
3 Elective III
4 Computational Analysis
5 Total Quality Management
6 Technical Writing

Semester 3

Sr. No. Course Title
1 Elective IV
2 Elective V
3 Dissertation Phase – I

Semester 4

Sr. No. Course Title
1 Dissertation – II

Elective Subjects

Course Code Course Name
MCE1261 Site Investigations
MCE1262 Advanced Foundation Engineering
MCE1263 Applied Soil Mechanics
MCE1264 Rock Mechanics
MCE1265 Settlement Analysis of Soil and Foundation
MCE1266 Environmental Geo-Technology
MCE1361 Earthen Embankments
MCE1362 Soil Dynamics
MCE1363 Ground Improvement

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities in the government and private sectors galore for qualified Geotechnical Engineers. Organizations involved in construction of commercial buildings, public structures, and other manmade structures, mining, extraction of petroleum and natural gas, construction firms, consultancies, infrastructure development recruit such geotechnical engineers.

Public sector organizations such as PWD, Municipal Corporations, Urban planning departments, Government Port Trusts, ONGC, NHAI, Indian Railways, and Metro Rail Corporations etc. are some other popular recruiters in the discipline.

Geotechnical Engineers are typically involved in duties such as site supervision, inspection of soil, rocks, bedrock, project analysis, design and construction of foundation and other necessary structures, etc. Usually, their job involves site work, supervision, design, cost estimation, and project management.

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