An MBA in Information Technology Management is a lethal combination of two very dynamic aspects of any business: management expertise & information technology. Almost every national and international company of repute is always looking for competent and qualified professionals to help them cope with the dynamic business environment. An MBA (Information Technology Management) graduate’s climb up the corporate ladder is usually accelerated. Most of them will take up positions such as CTOs (Chief Technology Officers), CIOs (Chief Information Officers), information technology directors or IT managers. Information systems managers serve crucial functions within a company.

Job prospects

IT management is a broad term which encompasses various aspects of technology related activities. A MBA-IT graduate can chart his career in any of the following fields within IT management:

  • Business/IT alignment
  • IT Governance
  • IT Financial Management
  • IT Service Management Sourcing
  • IT configuration management


  • Have the information literacy skills necessary to effectively research, locate, extract, structure, and organize the information needed to assist in management planning, decision making and execution.
  • Demonstrate proficiency with data management software.