MBA – Retail management

MBA – Retail management


Retail management pertains to the task of managing supermarkets and hypermarkets in strict business terms. In India, the retail industry has seen a great upsurge in the past decade. From adopting new marketing strategies to diversifying into businesses, companies have tried all gimmicks to impress the customer. This is one industry that works clearly on the paradigm, "Customer is King".

Job prospects

The job options in the retail field are quite interesting for a college graduate. You may start working as a sales executive or be directly employed as a sales manager or a marketing manager and even start a retail business of your own by becoming a franchisee of another big player in the retail business!


The main objective for the curriculum is providing insights on retail operations. This will enable the students to become good retail planners and decision makers and help focus on change and adaption to change. The course intends to provide the learner with an overview of the retail industry, concepts and processes and an opportunity to understand the areas of accountability for a Retail Manager. The learner will also be able to determine a level of interest in pursuing a career in retail management.