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Semester on “Walk Towards a Bright Future”

  • 09-12-2016

Recently GNA Business School oraganised a workshop for the students of MBA-3rd Semester on “Walk Towards a Bright Future. Video Resume Concept” by DayZero Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi.
Mr. Sunil Kataria, COO,  DayZero Pvt. Ltd. discussed with the students the basic and crucial steps for building an impressive resume and to look into the various factors while preparing the resume which showcase the right capabilities of the person for the job he/she applied for.
He also discussed about the Video Resume concept which is the latest trend in the current as well as in the upcoming recruitment as the video resume highlights the major personality traits of the candidate as well as the non verbal clues for judging him/her. He guided the students on how to build an impressive video resume and how the students can  succeed in getting the job by following this concept of video resume in the coming time.Students were highly inspired to prepare their video resume through this workshop.

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