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GNA University set up a record of Longest Vegetable Sandwich

  • 28-03-2017

Faculty of Hospitality, GNA University once again showcased their culinary skills and set up a mark record of longest vegetable sandwich of 151 feet. Ten faculty chefs and twenty student chefs worked together for seven hours for preparation of Bread and took 55 minutes for assembling (Preparation of Filling) to set a new record. It took thirty kilograms of flour and seventy five kilograms of vegetables and other ingredients to prepare the longest vegetable Sandwich.  Team prepared total 100 Loafs of 18” inches each one day prior to the event and assembled on the presentation table on March 27th, 2017. All the vegetables which were used in this record were grown in department’s kitchen garden. Faculty of Hospitality started for this record in December 2016 and planted all the vegetables in their garden. This is second record of Faculty of Hospitality as the First record of Longest Kathi Roll was prepared on January 12th of this year which will be published in Limca Book of Records 2017.

Chef Varinder Singh Rana, Deputy Dean-Faculty of Hospitality praised the efforts of faculty and dedicated this achievement to aspiring chefs. Chef Rana told that the idea of making this record was shared by Honourable Pro-Chancellor, S. Gurdeep Singh Sihra. He also participated as one of the volunteer to make this record a success attempt.  He congratulated the staff and students for creating a big and successful achievement.  Prof. (Dr) Prem Kumar, Honourable Vice Chancellor, GNA University appreciated the efforts of Faculty of Hospitality and conveyed that such kind of feats boost self-confidence amongst professionals to think and achieve big.

Chef Dhiraj Pathak, Chef Amandeep, Chef Bhupinder, Chef Ashish, Chef Paramjeet, Chef Tarundeep, Chef Arjun Partap Singh, Chef Sukhvir and Chef Gourango along with twenty students of Hotel management worked together to achieve this landmark.

The assembling of sandwich was done in the presence of 1000 audiences including GNA faculty, staff and students. Faculty of Hospitality has approached Limca Book of Records authorities (Now Hachette India) to document this record. As a norm, they have sought documentary evidence of the attempt, which Faculty of Hospitality has already sent. On this occasion, Mr Sunil Sarad, Registrar GNA University, Ms Monika Hanspal, Assistant Dean- Systems, Dr Disha Khanna, Deputy Dean- Faculty of Liberal Arts, Dr Neeraj, Assistant Dean- Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mr Abhishek Dhawan, IT Head were also present.

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