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Workshop on “Wine Tasting”

  • 09-01-2018

Ms. Seema Trehan represented on the behalf of Sula Vineyards as a Sommelier for the wine appreciation session where she shared her experience in guiding students of GU in sensory examination & evaluation of wines.

Ms. Seema Trehan has worked with various companies in Gurgaon ( IBM, ABS, Bohemian Crystal Company, Soft Skills World etc)

She is presently working with Sula from last three years as an Assistant Sales & Marketing Manager and taking care of tastings and pieces of training in North.

The sommelier made students understand the  perceived flavors, aromas & characteristics of RASA SHIRAZ i.e. Red wine, SAUVIGNON BLANC & CHENNIN BLANC i.e. white wines & SULA BRUT i.e. Sparkling wine.

She discussed the key points/steps in the testing: colour, swirl, smell, taste & savor. These are also known as "five S"
1)  SEE
4)  SIP

It was a very interactive session and students discussed their doubts and queries in between the session.   This workshop  will help students aware with different types of wines and their serving techniques.

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