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Guest lecture on “Role of Micro Drones and Technical Advancements in Aerospace”

  • 04-10-2016

A guest lecture was held for the students of FET on “Role of Micro Drones and Technical Advancements in Aerospace” by Ms. Swarnita Anil ,Chief Technical Officer ,Flywheel Tech Lab, Lucknow. Students of B.Tech –Aerospace (1st and 3rd Semester), Mechtronics(1st and3rd Semester), B.Tech- ECE (3rd and 5th Semester) along with the ECE Students of 1st Semester (Studying Joy of Engineering Course) attended this lecture. Ms. Swarnita Anil discussed about the vital role of drones in surveillance, surveying, crop mapping, remote sensing, defence and specially nowadays in artificial intelligence. She discussed about Drone Engineering, Micro drone, Nano Drone, UAV (Unmanned Air Vehicle ) and MAV(Manned Air Vehicle ). Also she conducted a session on Drone Assembly with the help of a small drone along with a discussion on SBAS (Satellite Based Augmentation System ) which is used in drone’s Navigation GPS (Global positioning system) and GAGAN (GPS Aided GEO Augmented Navigation). Students found this lecture very interesting and now the students will do their best to do their projects with great vigour and vitality in the field of drones.

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