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Faculty of Design and Innovation Welcomed Students of B.Tech Mechanical and Automation Engineering

  • 19-09-2016

More than 60 students of 1st year B.Tech in Mechanical and Automation Engineering of Faculty of Design and Innovation attended a seminar on The Current Industrial Trends and Technologies and The on Growth of New Technologies in the Field of Mechanical, Mechatronics and Automation. The students were familiarized with the concept of automated manufacturing in the form of CNC technology. The students learnt about the CAD, CAM, CAE, RPT, PLMS, Reverse Engineering and the subsequent change which these technologies have brought into the manufacturing sector. The students were also enlightened about the upcoming “Industry 4.0” revolution that will involve technologies like Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence in developing hybrid manufacturing systems with advanced Human-Robotic Interactions. It was proved fruitful for all the students.

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