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“Drug-o-Mania”- A Nukkad Natak staged @ GNA University

  • 16-09-2016

The dramatis personae from Punjabi University staged a Nukkad Natak at GNA University on the dangers involved in drugs consumption and also in its trade. The show was witnessed by a large number of students in the presence of faculty members. The play warned about the outcomes of consuming drugs and other matters of intoxication, the pain it afflicts on its consumers is thousand times greater that the vicarious pleasure it offers. The actors presented different situations where the menace of drugs has consumed the lives of both its takers and traders also. It is like a live bomb which will certainly explode, sooner or later. The only way to escape from it is to stay away from it and also prevent your dear ones to go near it. The message was clearly conveyed to the youth who appreciated the content of the play and acting of the performers who grabbed the attention of the audience with their energetic performance.

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