E - Learning

S.No. Title  
1 Introduction to Object oriented Programming with C++
2 Conditionals @ it's Best
3 Introduction to Current Cloud Eco-System
4 Basic concepts of Income Tax with its implementation
5 Basic principles of Jet Propulsion
6 Basics of Digital Marketing
7 Tax Deductions out of Gross Total Income
8 Business Research, and Questionnaire and Development
9 Introduction to blood and its Composition
10 Introduction to vertebral coloumn
11 Solutions to Exact Differential Equation
12 Practical Demonstration of Vegetable croquettes
13 Practical Demonstration of Veg Samosa
14 Practical Demonstration of 'Hi-tea Snacks'
15 Practical Demonstration of 'Kalakand'
16 Practical Demonstration of Cheese Steak
17 Learn to prepare 'Hi-Tea Snacks' at Home
18 Practical applications of Immunology in Prophylaxis and disease diagnosis
19 Importance of Intellectual Property rights and management
20 Importance of Human physiology in Clinical Diagnosis
21 Application of Microbiology in Diagnosis and Treatment of Disease is Vast But @ Carefulness
22 Enzymes in disease Diagnosis
23 Covid-19 Pandemic - Will it be an Endemic?
24 Introduction To Clinical Practice in Physiotherapy
25 An Intro to Exercise Physiology
26 Graphic Designing (Part-1)
27 Graphic Designing (Part-2)
28 Virtual Production - Process & Techniques
29 Writing for Cinema
30 Factors For Suitability Of Deep Learning For NLP
31 Enhancing Analytical and Critical Thinking
32 Emerging Trends in Hospitality (Part-1)
33 Emerging Trends in Hospitality (Part-2)
34 Cream of Almond Soup
35 Confluence of Food & Festival
36 Classroom strategies and special topics in education
37 Paradigm shift in shift
38 Story about malwares
39 Information gathering VAPT