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“Literature is one of the most interesting and significant expressions of humanity.”

From ancient times, the field of arts is known to be one of the goals driven behind many of the social and political evolutions and today it still maintains a place of great academic significance. The School of Liberal Arts at GNA University is one of the most prominent faculties which is being designed to foster the education for leading roles in the global community by sticking to the language. Language plays a crucial role in every individual’s life as language connects us with our culture.

The prime focus of liberal arts is to educate the brimming laureates to evaluate ideas and to provide a humanistic value. Along with the in-depth study of culture and literature students are eligible to understand the language studies which is integrated with various fields. We at GNA University are home to the new inter-departmental program which is spicing up with a sheer mix of English language and literature.

Highly experienced faculty with a great academic structure and diverse range of subjects helps students to question critically and think broadly. By developing a comprehensive knowledge of language proficiency FLA nurtures students who wish to be future linguisticians.

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