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B.Tech. Mechanical and Automation Engineering

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B.Tech. Mechanical and Automation Engineering is an advanced mechanical engineering program that focuses mainly on designing and manufacturing of product and machines by using CAD/CAM/CAE and automation systems.

It is an innovative program that focuses on the advanced technologies while keeping a strong relation with the primitive techniques for the students to be readily employable.

Use of advanced CAD/CAM/CAE Systems, latest Manufacturing Simulation Systems, RPT Technology, Automated Machines, Control Systems and Information Technologies helps the students to grab the knowledge on robust technology at the early stage of their learning.

With a keen emphasis upon Mechanical and Automation Engineering, the students will be learning about automation-based manufacturing techniques that have gradually become an integral part of all modern industries. Thus for the students, it will open a world of opportunities to enhance their careers and will made them skilful.

For the software and automation solution GNA University is associated with

  • Autodesk ARC - AutoCAD
  • Dassault Systems France - Catia
  • PTC Inc. USA - Creo
  • Siemens PLM - NX
  • FESTO – FluidSim, Ciros
  • Stratasys USA – 3D printer
  • Janatics – Pneumatics, Electro-pneumatics and PLC

Program Highlights

  • The graduate of this program will be able to practice and implement new ideas for the product design and development and to provide the adequate design and manufacturing solution through the updated CAD/CAM technologies.
  • They will be able to provide the solution to automate the various manual processes for the industry and identify the various components required for it.
  • The students will get the knowledge of the domain of thermal, solid mechanics, mechanics of machines and fluid mechanics and to solve the engineering problems arising out of these areas.
  • The student will learn to analyze and provide a solution to real life problems related to mechanical engineering fields together with the allied engineering branches.
  • The student will be able to generate the CNC programs for various manufacturing processes.

Semester Wise Subjects

Semester 1

Sr. No. Course Title
1 Engineering Chemistry
2 Calculus and Linear Algebra
3 Programming for Problem Solving
4 Engineering Drawing & Graphics – 2D
5 English Communication
6 Workshop Practice
7 Engineering Chemistry Laboratory
8 Programming for Problem Solving Laboratory
9 English Communication Lab
10 Environmental Science

Semester 2

Sr. No. Course Title
1 Semiconductor Physics
2 Calculus, Ordinary Differential Equations and Complex Variables
3 Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering
4 Engineering Drawing & Graphics – 3D
5 Business Communication
6 Manufacturing Practices
7 Semiconductor Physics Laboratory
8 Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering Laboratory
9 Business Communication Lab
10 Constitution of India

Semester 3

Sr. No. Course Title
1 Transform& Discrete Mathematics
2 Electronic Devices
3 Thermodynamics
4 Computer Aided Design-I
5 Electronic Devices Laboratory
6 Thermodynamics Laboratory
7 Computer Aided Design-I Laboratory
8 Summer Training

Semester 4

Sr. No. Course Title
1 Material Engineering
2 Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machinery
3 Strength of Material
4 Computer Aided Design-II
5 Elective-I
6 Material Engineering Laboratory
7 Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machinery Laboratory
8 Strength of Material Laboratory
9 Computer Aided Design-II Laboratory
10 Elective-I Laboratory

Semester 5

Sr. No. Course Title
1 Manufacturing Processes
2 Kinematics and Theory of Machines
3 IC Engines
4 Computer Aided Design-III
5 Elective-II
6 Elective-III
7 Manufacturing Processes Laboratory
8 Kinematics and Theory of Machines Laboratory
9 IC Engines Laboratory
10 Computer Aided Design-III Laboratory
11 Elective-II Laboratory
12 Software/ Industrial Training
13 Essence of Indian Traditional Knowledge

Semester 6

Sr. No. Course Title
1 Additive Manufacturing
2 Jigs and Fixtures
3 Elective-IV
4 Open Elective-I
5 Open Elective-II
6 Humanities
7 Additive Manufacturing Laboratory
8 Jigs and Fixtures Laboratory

Semester 7

Sr. No. Course Title
1 Computer Aided Engineering
2 Tool Design
3 Elective - V
4 Elective-VI
5 Open Elective-III
6 Humanities
7 Computer Aided Engineering Laboratory
8 Tool Design Laboratory

Semester 8

Sr. No. Course Title
1 Elective - VII
2 Open Elective - IV
3 Elective – VII Laboratory
4 Industry Defined Project

List of Professional Core Elective Courses

S.No. Course Category Course Code Course Title
Elective I (Semester 4)
1. PEC BMA441 Micro-controller and Micro-processor
2. PEC BMA442 Automobile Engineering
3. PEC BMA443 Industrial Engineering
4. PEC BMA444 Robotics
5. PEC BMA424 Micro-controller and Micro-processor Laboratory
6. PEC BMA425 Automobile Engineering Laboratory
7. PEC BMA426 Industrial Engineering Laboratory
8. PEC BMA427 Robotics Laboratory
Elective II (Semester 5)
1. PEC BMA541 Fluid Systems
2. PEC BMA542 Heat Transfer
3. PEC BMA543 Numerical Methods
4. PEC BMA544 Data Communication and Networks
5. PEC BMA525 Fluid Systems Laboratory
6. PEC BMA526 Heat Transfer Laboratory
7. PEC BMA527 Numerical Methods Laboratory
8. PEC BMA528 Data Communication and Networks Laboratory
Elective III (Semester 5)
1. PEC BMA545 Mechatronics
2. PEC BMA546 Renewable Energy
3. PEC BMA547 Composite Materials
4. PEC BMA548 Power Plant Engineering
Elective IV (Semester 6)
1. PEC BMA641 Non – Traditional Machining
2. PEC BMA642 Metrology and Quality Assurance
3. PEC BMA643 Mechanical Vibration
4. PEC BMA644 Nanotechnology
Elective V (Semester 7)
1. PEC BMA741 Non Destructive Testing
2. PEC BMA742 Industrial Safety
3. PEC BMA743 Operations Research
4. PEC BMA744 Reliability and Quality Control
Elective VI (Semester 7)
1. PEC BMA745 Maintenance Engineering
2. PEC BMA746 Disaster Management
3. PEC BMA747 Process Planning and Cost Estimation
4. PEC BMA748 Tribology
Elective VII (Semester 8)
1. PEC BMA841 Computer Aided Manufacturing
2. PEC BMA842 Virtual Reality
3. PEC BMA843 PLC Programming
4. PEC BMA844 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
5. PEC BMA821 Computer Aided Manufacturing Laboratory
6. PEC BMA822 Virtual Reality Laboratory
7. PEC BMA823 PLC Programming Laboratory
8. PEC BMA824 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Laboratory

List of Humanities & Social Sciences including Management Courses:

Course Code Course Title
1 English Communication
2 English Communication Lab
3 Business Communication
4 Business Communication Lab
5 Human Resource Management
6 Total Quality Management
7 Human Behavior at Work
8 Industrial Psychology
9 Environmental Science

List of Open Electives For All B. Tech Programmes

Course Code Course Title
BME031 Electric and Hybrid Vehicle
BME032 Industrial Ergonomics
BME033 Introduction to Hydraulics and Pneumatics
BME034 Basic Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
BME035 Energy Conservation
BME036 Solar Energy Utilisation
BME037 Material Handling System
BME038 Production and Operation management
BME039 Safety and Hazard Analysis
BMA031 Entrepreneurship
BMA032 Operations Management
BMA033 Management Information System
BMA034 Basics of CAD
BMA035 Basics of Additive Manufacturing
BEE031 Simulation and Modelling
BEE032 Industrial Robotics and control
BEE033 Network Securities
BEE034 Artificial Intelligence
BEE036 Internet of Things
BEE037 Biomedical Instrumentation
BEE038 Nano-Electronics
BAE031 Basics of Aerospace Engineering
BAE032 Basics of Aircraft Materials
QMD031 Quantitative methods for decision making
VAE031 Values and Ethics
EPI031 Economic Policies in India
FME031 Fundamentals of Management for Engineers
BCS041 Basics of Python Programming
BCS042 Introduction to Linux and Shell Programming
BCS043 Basics of Web Technologies
BCE031 Water pollution and its management
BCE032 Global warming and Climate Change
BCE033 Disaster Management and Mitigation
BCE034 Soil Chemistry and its impact
BCE035 Energy engineering technological and management
BCE036 Renewable energy technology
BCE037 Industrial pollution prevention and control
BCE038 Numerical method of Engineering

B.Tech with Minor in Automation Engineering

Sr. No Semester Course Code Course Title
1 4th BMA441 Micro Controller And Microprocessor
2 4th BMA424 Micro Controller And Microprocessor Laboratory
3 5th BMA541 Fluid Systems
4 5th BMA525 Fluid Systems Laboratory
5 6th BRE602 PLC Programming
6 6th BRE622 PLC Programming Laboratory
7 7th BMA701 Computer Aided Engineering
8 7th BMA721 Computer Aided Engineering Laboratory
9 8th BMA841 Computer Aided Manufacturing
10 8th BMA821 Computer Aided Manufacturing Laboratory

B. Tech Mechanical and Automation Engineering (Honors)

S.No. Course Code Course Title Semester
1. BMA303 Ergonomics III
2. BMA404 Internet of Things IV
3. BMA505 Product Design and Development V
4. BMA603 Product Lifecycle Management VI
5. BMA703 PLC and HMI Programming VII

Job Perspectives:

After graduating B.Tech. Mechanical and Automation Engineering the students will be able to work in the Research and Development department of the various industries involved in manufacturing of the products. A qualified Mechanical and Automation Engineering students finds employment opportunities in the government organizations, industries designing the automation systems, design and development of every type of product, system engineer for software development used for mechanical designing.

The students can work on various job profiles such as -

  • Automotive Sector
  • Aircraft and Shipyard Industry
  • Defense Sector
  • Robotics Industry
  • Home Appliances and Toy Manufacturing Industries
  • Furniture and Jewellery Design
  • Oil and Gas Refinery Plants
  • Hand Tools and Fasteners
  • System Engineer in FMS
  • Machine Tool and other Industrial Equipments
  • Packaging Industry

Government Organizations in which the student can work after completing B.Tech. Mechanical and Automation Engineering:

  • Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO)
  • Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)
  • Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL)
  • National Aeronautics Limited (NAL)
  • Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL)
  • National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC)
  • Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL)
  • Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL)
  • Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC)


The qualified students can seek the employability in the following companies:

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