Refund Policy

Admission Withdrawal & Refund Policy
  • All applications for withdrawal/refund shall be submitted to the Office of Registrar Only.
  • Such applications shall be accepted only on the prescribed format and duly acknowledged by the Accounts Manager mentioning the date of receipt of application.
  • Duly filled form along with original copy of the receipt of the fee deposited shall be deposited to the office of the Registrar.

Refund Rule for Course Fee
Sr. No. Percentage of Refund of Aggregate fees* Point of time when notice of withdrawal of admission is served to HEI
1 100% 15 days before the formally-notified last date of admission
2 80% Not more than 15 days after the formally-notified last date of admission
3 50% More than 15 days but less than 30 days after formally-notified last date of admission
4 0% More than 30 days after formally notified last date of admission
*(Inclusive of course fees and non-tuition fees but exclusive of caution moneyand security deposit)

GNA University shall deduct 10% of the aggregate fees as processing charges in case of serial number 1 mentioned in Table 1 above from the refundable amount.

In such cases, the refund of fee shall be made within 15 days from date of application, through cheque / NEFT in favour of the Candidate only and sent at the address for correspondence through courier.

Note : For online payments, it is important for candidates to note the transaction number for future reference and request for any type of Refund, for whatsoever reason, will be at the sole discretion of the University.

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