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B.Sc Hotel Management

B.Sc. Hotel Management is a three years full time undergraduate course and it consists of six semesters.

About B.Sc Hotel Management

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Faculty of Hospitality offers B.Sc. Hotel Management, a three years full time undergraduate course divided into six semesters. The program provides perfect amalgamation of theoretical knowledge with practical hands on skills training. The learning is facilitated in a simulated work environment along with the right industrial exposure to augment students with required organizational skills, technical competences and professional acumen.

The core focus of the program is to provide strong operational foundation through expert devised advanced modules in all the major departments of a hotel such as food production, food and beverage management, front office management, housekeeping operations, and events management.

The well-equipped lab with adequate infrastructure effectively allows the learner to integrate theory with practical application. The students also get an opportunity to learn from industry experts though in-campus seminars, workshops and off-campus industrial visits. Through industrial affiliations and linkages in India as well as across the multiple other countries across the global hospitality world, this program further helps in enhancing all around skill set of students with well-designed internship program.

Program Highlights

  • The program will help students to enhance and express the core technical, analytical and conceptual skills appropriate for hospitality industry.
  • The students will be able to develop the concepts and application of managerial, financial, computer and technical skills that are needed to be successful within the hospitality industry.
  • The course will develop clear understanding of professional necessities and ethical responsibility in all aspects of conduct in the students.
  • The program will prepare students industry ready for entry level management positions with a specific focus on individual, social and environmental perspectives.

Semester Wise Subjects

Semester 1

Sr. No. Course Title
1 Food Production Foundation
2 Food & Beverage Service Foundation
3 Accommodation and Hotel Front Office Foundations
4 Food Production Foundation Lab
5 Food & Beverage Service Foundation Lab
6 Accommodation and Hotel Front Office Foundations Lab

Semester 2

Sr. No. Course Title
1 Food Production Operations
2 Food and Beverage Service Operations
3 Accommodation and Hotel Front Office Operations
4 Food Production Operations Lab
5 Food and Beverage Service Operations Lab
6 Accommodation and Hotel Front Office Operations Lab

Semester 3

Sr. No. Course Title
1 Industry Exposure Program (22 weeks)

Semester 4

Sr. No. Course Title
1 Regional Cuisines of India
2 Housekeeping Operations and Design
3 Food Nutrition & Hygiene
4 Accounting Skills in Hospitality
5 Regional Cuisines of India Lab
6 Housekeeping Operations and Design Lab

Semester 5

Sr. No. Course Title
1 Domain Specific Elective
2 Foreign Language Skills (French)
3 Research for Hospitality & Tourism Management
4 Hospitality Laws

Semester 6

Sr. No. Course Title
1 Domain Specific Elective
2 Hospitality Marketing
3 Hospitality Project and Seminar
4 Personality Skills for Hospitality

Domain Specific Electives I

BHM501 International Cuisines
BHM502 Art of Baking
BHM521 International Cuisines Lab
BHM522 Art of Baking Lab

Domain Specific Electives II

BHM601 Food & Beverage Service Management
BHM602 Accommodation Management
BHM621 Food & Beverage Service Management Lab
BHM622 Accommodation Management Lab

Career Opportunity

Upon successful completion of the 3-degree program students will have vast array of job opportunities awaiting for them in different areas of hospitality industry across the globe such as :

  • Hotels: Chef, Housekeeper, Rooms division executive or a Food and Beverage Server
  • Front desk executive, receptionist and host / hostess in Fine Dining Restaurants, Food Courts Restaurant, Fast Food Joint, Pub, Banquet, club, Spa, Recreation centers, Shopping Malls and Hospital Management.
  • Food and beverage service professional in Airlines catering, cruise liners, Institutional and Industrial Catering, Government owned catering departments (like armed forces mess, ministerial conventions and railways services).
  • Entrepreneurial start-ups (On or off premise Catering, Food delivery service, Specialty restaurant etc.)

Prospective Companies

Prospective Companies where student would get opportunity to work after completion of B. Sc. Hotel Management Program :

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