Video Gallery

Major General Sanjiv Bajaj3
Placements at GNA University | TCS4
Mr. Simerjeet Singh, International Motivational Speaker @ GNA University5
Mr. Arvind Bali, CEO- Connect Broadband & Videocon Wallcam6
Placements at GNA University7
Mr. Stefan Helf on Centre of Excellence @ GNA University8
Student Experience: GBS @ GNA University9
2 Minute: Towel Art10
Be a Part of GNA Legacy11
Student Showcase12
Punjab Literary Festival-201713
PTC - ATC Certificate Award Ceremony - 201714
GNA University - Innovation Based University15
Interview with Mr. Suneel Keswani16
Mr. Kamal Batra17
MBA Startup Program18
Kshitiz - 201719
Convocation - 201720
Punjab Film Festival - Teaser21
University with the Difference22
Student Experience: FDI @ GNA University23
Punjab Commerce Olympiad - 201624
Mr. Ibrahim Helou25
Punjab Spell Bee Championship26
ICOHOST - 201627
Cabinet Minister-Sohal Singh Thandal28
Experience in FLA29
Experience in FOH30
Experience in GBS31
Experience in GBS33
Prativad - 201634
Major General Sanjiv Bajaj35
Brigadier Samyal36
Mr. Aslam Khan37
Mrs. Amar Noorie38
CEO of Earthizenz- MP Singh @ GU39
Ad Mad Show40
Faculty of Liberal Arts41
Experience of Exchange Intern42
Experience of Exchange Intern43
Comic Making Workshop44
Experience in GBS45
Life @ GU46
The Fervour of Independence @ GU Campus47
Fundamentals of Aerodynamics48
Sushi Making49
Film, TV & Media50
Fundamentals of Aerodynamics51
Science Exhibition52
Nukkad Natak by Environmental Society Students53
Explore your creativity54