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The Bachelor of Business Administration program at GNA Business School is a first-class business and management degree, where a student equips himself with conducive knowledge of the core areas of a business and entrepreneurship. The course helps the students to gain comprehensive knowledge of a business management and can have full knowledge of startups. We at GNA Business School will put a step at the threshold of the business journey wherein students will get a foundation in business knowledge, communication skills, extensive growth opportunities, and interactive learning experience. BBA graduates will leverage their theoretical knowledge to solve real-world business problems. The course aims to familiarize the students that how business and its functions run and make them aware of the concepts like cost accounting, business, psychology, marketing fundamentals, etc.

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  • BBA graduates can apply to different vacancies in the management divisions of public and private-sector organizations.
  • Graduates will develop analytical ability, critical thinking and communication skills which will help them in setting up a start-up.
  • BBA Graduate will leverage their theoretical knowledge to solve real world business problems.


The curriculum for BBA has been designed in such a way that it contributes in holistic development of students and provides an eclectic blend of academic choices so that a student is able to choose a bright and a lucrative career in any of the managerial arenas such as Marketing, Human Resources and Finance. The students get a deep insight of diverse aspects of business starting from the launching of a business to managing a business efficiently.The degree will help students to clinch a job in the field of Retail, Marketing, Banking, Nonbanking financial corporation, Hotels, BPO, KPO, Public relations, Advertising, Human Resource, MNC’s.

Career Pathways:

  • Business Development Executive
  • Insurance Advisor
  • Management Trainee
  • Marketer Researcher
  • HR Trainee
  • Entrepreneur
  • Relationship Banker
  • Digital Marketing Manager

Program Outcomes:

BBA degree offers a profound understanding and expansion of vital business skills such as leadership, communication skills, critical thinking, and decision-making, and hence creates a well-built backdrop for hopeful MBAs. Graduates will become responsible citizens and lead the business with moral and ethical values.
Practically students can learn a lot about corporate activities. This course focuses on a broad variety of areas such as international business, accounting principles, business economics, business law, financial management, computer fundamentals, and marketing. Graduates will be expert in the area of leadership, interpersonal skills, entrepreneurship, and marketing.
BBA program also prepares one to start a business of his/her own in the capacity of an entrepreneur.

Program Specific Outcomes:

The students will comprehend applicability of management principles to situations in global business
The students will be able to apply the entrepreneurial and managerial skills for effective business management. They will learn legal and ethical values for the continuous development of business venture.
The students will acquire employability skills through the practical awareness on IT tools in management. The students will be able to communicate effectively in different contexts.
The program will inculcate entrepreneurship and managerial skills in students so as to enable them to establish and manage their business effectively. Entrepreneurship development provides students with cutting edge knowledge and skills on how to successfully develop captivating products and services to solve challenging problems in a highly uncertain environment.
The students will become capable to analyze socio-political-economic environment of business organizations. They will understand the leadership skills through internship training.
The students will be able to evaluate different business problems using analytical and creative, and integrative skills. They shall learn various statistical and research methods for business analyses, and will be able to apply the managerial knowledge in the business for effective decision making.
The students shall learn various aspects of financial, marketing and human resources management.


Course Code Contact Hours Total Credits Course Name
BBA101 5 1 0 6 Fundamentals of Management and OB
BBA102 5 1 0 6 Statistics for Business Decisions
BBA103 5 1 0 6 Business Accounting
Course Code Contact Hours Total Credits Course Name
BBA201 5 1 0 6 Production and Operations Management
BBA202 5 1 0 6 Managerial Economics
BBA203 5 1 0 6 Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
Course Code Contact Hours Total Credits Course Name
BBA301 5 1 0 6 Business Environment
BBA302 5 1 0 6 Principles of Marketing
BBA303 5 1 0 6 Legal Aspects of Business
BBA304 5 1 0 6 Entrepreneurship Development and Start-ups
BBA321 0 0 4 2 IT Tools for Business
Course Code Contact Hours Total Credits Course Name
BBA401 5 1 0 6 Business Research
BBA402 5 1 0 6 Human Resource Management
BBA403 4 1 2 6 Financial Management
BBA404 5 1 0 6 Income Tax Law and Practice
BBA411 0 0 0 2 Financial Software Package
Course Code Contact Hours Total Credits Course Name
BBA501 5 1 0 6 Indirect Tax Law
BBA502 5 1 0 6 Management Accounting
Course Code Contact Hours Total Credits Course Name
BBA601 5 1 0 6 Business Policy and Strategy
BBA602 5 1 0 6 Financial Institution and Markets



Category Class Stream Marks Required Duration Tuition Fee per sem (Rs.)
General 12th Any Stream 50% 3 Years 43,000


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