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About Physical Education & Sports (BPES)

Physical Education and Sports are an undergraduate program offered at GNA University which is specially planned to keep in mind the importance of physical activities. The major focus of this course is to indulge the fitness freaks in various sports activities named as football, cricket, volleyball, basketball, badminton.
Physical education and sports are considered a discipline that plays a part and parcel role in every individual’s life. Physical education at GNA University not only advantages the students with practical knowledge rather it caters to the students with theoretical knowledge at the same time.

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  • Physical Education and Sports is an integral part of the education. Therefore, the focus of the program is to prepare and motivate all students to engage in sports activities, which promote sportive culture, health and physical wellbeing.
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Career Pathways :

  • Fitness Expert
  • Sports Psychologist
  • Sports Engineer
  • Teaching in Higher Education
  • Training & Coaching for Sports
  • Nutrition Experts

Program Outcomes:

To prepare highly qualified leaders in the field of Physical Education, Sports/Games and other inter-disciplinary subjects.
To serve as a centre of excellence and innovations in Physical Education and to awareness about research in this field.
To provide professional and academic leadership to other institutions in the field of Physical Education.
To provide vocational guidance and placement service to the people in this field.
To promote mass participation in Physical Education activities.
To undertake extrusion programmes and field outreach activities to contribute in the development of society.


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