About B.Sc. Nutrition & Dietetics

"Quality of life depends on the quality of food we eat."

Nutrition and Dietetics is a remunerative job. Nutrition & Dietetics is a sub-discipline of medical sciences that involves the study of the promotion of health through healthy food, nutrition therapy, and food management.

The undergraduate program at GNA University caters the students to learn the effect of food on human health and enables them to grasp the fundamentals of Diet therapy and its application in patients as a major focus of dietetics. The field has gained importance as people have become more conscious about the way they look, what they eat.

Dieticians or nutritionists help patients promote their lifestyle by correcting their eating habits. The curriculum is structured in a way that guides future dieticians on healthy eating habits and makes a personalized food plan that meets the patient’s dietary restrictions, occupational constraints, fitness, and stress levels. Here, at GU the nutritionist demonstrated the effect of food on humans and the effect of heat, storage, and other environmental factors on food (when it is cooked/served).

Career Pathways :

  • Open your own clinic
  • Work with Government Sector
  • Beauty Salons
  • Sports
  • fitness clubs

There are various Specialized Areas in

  • Dietetics, like Clinical Dieticians,
  • Community Dieticians
  • Management Dieticians
  • Consultant Dieticians

Program Outcomes:

Apply knowledge and technical skills associated with Nutrition and Dietetics.
Perform routine clinical procedures which is acceptable in the areas of Therapeutic Nutrition, Public Health Nutrition and Community Nutrition.
Demonstrate technical skills, social behavior and professional awareness for functioning effectively as a Dietitian.
Apply problem solving techniques in identification and correction of pre analytical, post analytical & analytical variables.
Plan a Diet Chart for the Patient after considering their age, sex, Physiological needs and food habits.
Recognize the impact of planned Diet Charts on their body and the disease.
Communicate effectively by oral, written and graphical means.
Function as a leader/team member in diverse professional clinics and hospital research areas.
Function effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in diverse teams, and in multidisciplinary settings.Analyzing changes in health patterns after recommending changes in diets
Function in an ethical and professional manner without bias against any ethnicity, race, religion, caste or gender
Practice professional and ethical responsibilities with high degree of credibility, integrity and social concern.

Program Specific Outcomes:

Utilize knowledge from the physical and biological sciences as a basis for understanding the role of food and nutrients in health and disease processes.
Provide nutrition counseling and education to individuals, groups, and communities throughout the lifespan using a variety of communication strategies.
Apply technical skills, knowledge of health behavior, clinical judgment, and decision-making skills when assessing and evaluating the nutritional status of individuals and communities and their response to nutrition intervention.
Implement strategies for food access, procurement, preparation, and safety for individuals, families, and communities.
Practice state-of-the-art nutrition care in collaboration with other healthcare providers in interdisciplinary settings within the bounds of ethical, legal, and professional practice standards.
Effective communication skill to ensure accurate and appropriate information transfer.

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