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Program Specific Outcomes:

Comprehend various forms of literature like prose, poetry, drama and fiction
Apprehend different cultures and cultural sensibilities around the world
Perspectives of literary movements that existed in different ages.
Develop strong critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills. Learn the art of approaching questions flexibly and to think across multiple disciplines.
Ability to write analytically in a variety of formats, including essays, research papers, reflective writing, and critical reviews of secondary sources.

About Bachelors of Arts (Hons. English)

The field of arts covers a very broad and wide aspect of study which makes it complementary to every other field of education. Arts is regarded as a very versatile field with an endless prospectus.

GNA University presents a Bachelor of Arts to enlighten students through the learning of English Language and endeavors that the students can enhance their critical and analytical mindset with an appreciation for literature.

The program offers a comprehensive study of English Literature Arts which include Indian literature, foreign literature, English communication, business communication, and many more.

Beyond focusing on academic elements GU program goes on to focus on personal development, communication, and confidence in preparation for their career.

Program Outcomes:

Ability to apply knowledge of basic History in English Literature.
An ability to apply discipline specific knowledge to the text and the socio-political context.
To get in touch with various movements and schools of thought.
To introduce students to the thematic concerns, genres and trends of Indian writing in English.
To understand the various aspects of American society through a critical examination of the literary texts representing different periods and cultures.
To inculcate methods applied to make comparative and contrastive analysis of literary texts.
To familiarize students with the key concepts of linguistics and develop awareness of the latest trends in language study.
To introduce the students to the basic elements of poetry.
To enable them to write and appreciate different types of prose.
To critically engage with culture, gender and marginality.

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