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M.TECH in CAD/CAM is a widely sought program with the objective of producing designers


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M.TECH in CAD/CAM is a widely sought program with the objective of producing designers and manufacturing professionals with expertise in the software tools for product design, rapid manufacturing, automation, quality assurance, and cost-effectiveness. The students are imparted with fundamental knowledge of the latest technological applications and to prepare them for taking up further research in the areas. M. Tech in CAD/CAM imparts, through a holistic curriculum, skills to apply computer and scientific principles to solve problems related to manufacturing.

Program Highlights

  • A qualified student of this program will be able to apply the CAD/CAM technology effectively and develop the solutions in the manufacturing and production industry.
  • The student will also be able to apply the simulations for the problems related to the analysis in the mechanical industries and related research fields.
  • During this program the students will be taught to develop the computer software related to design, manufacturing and analysis in the mechanical and allied fields.
  • The student will also able to formulate the research problem out of the research gap established from the literature review of the research fields and analyses it rationally by applying the data analytics techniques.

Semester Wise Subjects

Semester 1

Sr. No. Course Title
1 Computer Aided Design
2 Computer Programming
3 Robotics & Control
4 Research Methodology
5 Elective – I
6 Computer Aided Design Lab
7 Computer Programming Lab
8 Robotics & Control Lab
9 Disaster Management

Semester 2

Sr. No. Course Title
1 Computer Aided Manufacturing
2 Finite Element Analysis
3 Rapid Prototyping
4 Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems
5 Elective – II
6 Computer Aided Manufacturing Lab
7 Computer Aided Engineering Lab
8 Rapid Prototyping Lab

Semester 3

Sr. No. Course Title
1 Elective – III
2 Elective - IV
3 Dissertation Phase – I
4 Technical Writing

Semester 4

Sr. No. Course Title
1 Dissertation Phase – II

Professional Elective Courses - Elective - I (Semester – I)

S.No. Course Code Course Name
1 MCC1141 Industrial Automation
2 MCC1142 Artificial Intelligence
3 MCC1143 Management Information System
4 MCC1124 Industrial Automation Laboratory
5 MCC1125 Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Professional Elective Courses - Elective - II (Semester – II)

S.No. Course Code Course Name
1 MCC1241 Mechatronics
2 MCC1242 Advanced Robotics
3 MCC1243 Machine Tool Design

Professional Elective Courses - Elective - III (Semester – III)

S.No. Course Code Course Name
1 MCC1341 Mechanics of Composite Materials
2 MCC1342 Manufacturing of Plastic Products
3 MCC1343 Non Destructive Testing

Professional Elective Courses - Elective - IV (Semester –III)

S.No. Course Code Course Name
1 MCC1441 Computational Fluid Dynamics
2 MCC1442 Vehicle Dynamics
3 MCC1443 Advanced Strength of Material
4 MCC1444 Product Design and Development
5 MCC1421 Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

Career Opportunities

The program is suitable to produce product design engineers who combine engineering expertise with the confidence to work with various CAD/CAM applications to support engineering design. They will find employment in manufacturing plants (in R&D, production, quality control and programming/operating CNC/DNC machines). The student can further pursue research in the various areas such as product design, digital manufacturing, solid modeling and finite element analysis in research organizations. The course is also beneficial for pursuing further studies such as PH.D and academics as the career.

Career Pathway
  • Automotive sectors.
  • Software companies dealing in product design and development.
  • Government organizations like DRDO, BHEL, BHARC, ISRO, HAL etc.
  • Marine and aircraft manufacturing industry.
  • Research and development
  • Academics

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