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School of Engineering Design & Automation at GNA is well in sync with the latest technology in the Industry. We are extensively engaged in prototype development job-work for premium product manufacturing companies across varied industrial sectors trough this program.
This program is specially designed to provide the advanced technologies to graduating students of Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and allied branches, B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering and other allied branches and M.Tech. in the Mechanical specializations.
This enables our teaching up-to-date and relevant and ensures that the learning of our students remains fresh and progressive.
The curriculum of this program is closely allied with the industry. Theoretical studies are aptly interwoven with creative practice and students are encouraged to work on live-projects and develop their own sense of professional direction.
Our links with professionals and external agencies and with organizations in the industrial and corporate sectors make ensure that our students ready for work, with up to date skills, knowledge and exposure across the Integrated Design and Manufacturing Industries: Automotive, Plastic, Mould, Sheet Metal & Pressure die-casting etc. ...

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Completion of Post Diploma in CAD/CAM enables a student to work in the following fields:

  • Part / Component body design in different types of Automobile, Aeronautical, Home Appliance and Toy Industries.
  • Advanced hybrid and behavioral modeling of components.
  • Shape design and sheet metal works of automotive, aerospace, marine, medical equipments and engineering components.
  • Sheet metal works from small to large components in Power Sector Industries.
  • Assembly and detailing of large assemblies for line production and batch production for the products.
  • Design analysis, optimization and validation using high end CAD/CAM/CAE Softwares.
  • Rapid prototyping in Additive manufacturing processes for new product development.
  • Flexible working upon product development using reverse engineering concepts and Data Migration on multi-CAD System as well as 3D inspection.
  • Mould design, Die design and manufacturing.

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