Learning depends on the way education is imparted amongst the students. Pedagogy used by the Faculty members make the difference in learning of the students. At GNA University, the pedagogy involves:

Hands on experience

Students at GNA University are given the live problems to be sorted out and they have been encouraged to actively explore and workout the solutions to the problems. This helps the students to find out new ways of solving the problems. Students are given case studies to work on, live projects to develop, Industrial problems to be sorted out. Students learn by applying concepts to the Practical Problems. Summer Internships, Guest Lectures by the people from the Industry and Academia, Industrial Visits, Project Works etc. are the common features of industrial education. All these things give different confidence to the students.

Course Hand-outs

Each programme offered by GNA University has clearly documented and tracked learning outcomes, which will encourage different professors to stick to one teaching plan for the semester and deliver a high standard of performance. This course handout is shared with students at the beginning of the Semester, so that they know what to expect, and can plan and pace their learning, and take advantage of the flexibilities built into the academic structure.

Soft Skills

At GNA University, students are provided with soft skills training to manage and administer their workplace effectively.

Case Studies

Case Study method of teaching is used to make the students learn the live problems faced by the Industry. Case Studies are used to make the conceptual clarity to the students.


Students of all the Programs are compulsorily required to give Presentations. This helps in building confidence amongst the students.

Group-based Learning

At GNA University, students are encouraged to operate in small teams so that they develop collaborative skills required of future leaders for working with and learning from people of diverse backgrounds and temperament

Workshop Based Learning

Regular workshops conducted by the experts from the Industry helps in bridging the gap between the Industry and Academia. Students got the experience of actual work place. This provides big learning opportunity to the students.


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