B.Sc Airlines Tourism & Hospitality

B.Sc Airlines Tourism and Hospitality

Airlines Tourism and Hospitality is jointly a succulent slice of hospitality industry that provides employment to great number of individuals worldwide.

About B.Sc Airlines Tourism and Hospitality

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With the aim to meet requirements of skilled manpower of the rapidly growing global tourism industry, Faculty of Hospitality offers three year full time undergraduate program as B.Sc. Airlines, Tourism and Hospitality which is divided into six semesters. The multidisciplinary program is eclectic blend of academic expertise for in-depth theoretical understanding and practical training with thoughtfully designed internship program. The budding professionals also get an opportunity to interact with industry personnel though in-campus seminars, workshops and off-campus industrial visits.

The core focus of the program is to nurtures value-based professional through creating simulated and learning environment that encourages creativity, innovation, responsibility, flexibility and respect for other people’s cultures. The course is committed to holistic development of students through inculcating interpersonal skills, leadership qualities, analytical skills, team work, organizational skills, commitment towards work, problem-solving skills and effective customer handling enabling them to be excel as an employee and to be a successful entrepreneur.

Our impressive industrial network offers opportunity for students to undertake internship in the area of airlines, travel agencies and hotels. These well designed industrial exposures help in imparting professional knowledge and advance level understanding of airlines, tourism and hospitality industry and will give wings to their dreams.

Program Highlights

  • The program will comprehend an overall understanding in the student about the inter-componential relationships that exist between tourism, aviation and hospitality components of global tourism industry.
  • The student will demonstrate clear understanding and develop personality so as to become responsible citizen with greater awareness and sensitivity about the Indian and global destinations.
  • The student will be able to develop clear understanding about the impacts of tourism, airline and hospitality industry in societal and environmental context and demonstrate the knowledge needed for sustainable development in general and sustainable tourism development in particular.
  • The program will help the student to execute basic skills and aptitude useful in taking up any activity in tourism, aviation and hospitality industry and to implement knowledge, skill and attitude to set up tourism related establishment.

Semester Wise Subjects

Semester 1

Sr. No. Course Title
1 Introduction to Hospitality Industry
2 Introduction to Tourism & Travel Management
3 Airlines Operations
4 Airlines Operations Lab

Semester 2

Sr. No. Course Title
1 Foundation Course in Food & Beverage Service
2 Tourism Resources of India
3 Travel Agency Tour Operations
4 Foundation Course in Food & Beverage Service Lab
5 Leadership Development Camp

Semester 3

Sr. No. Course Title
1 Event Planning & Management
2 Airlines Management
3 Tourism Destinations of the World
4 Room Division Operations
5 Accounting in Tourism and Hospitality
6 Room Division Operations Lab

Semester 4

Sr. No. Course Title
1 Sustainable Tourism Planning & Development
2 Air Cargo Management
3 Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism
4 Automation in Tourism, Airlines & Hospitality Industry
5 Tourism Resources of Punjab
6 Transport Management
6 Workshop on First Aid Lab

Semester 5

Sr. No. Course Title
1 Domain Specific Electives
2 Domain Specific Electives
3 Basic Research Methodology
4 Tourism and Hospitality Law
5 Functional French
6 6-Weeks Industrial Training and Report

Semester 6

Sr. No. Course Title
1 On the Job Training & Report

Domain Specific Electives

BAT501 Tourism Entrepreneurship
BAT502 Adventure Tourism
BAT503 Resort Management
BAT504 E-Tourism
BAT505 MICE Tourism
BAT506 Tourism Policy in India
BAT507 Public Relations & Tourism Journalism

Career Opportunity

The successful completion of the degree program opens doors to many exciting jobs opportunities in hotel, tourism and airlines industry such as :

  • Airlines: Ground staff agent, Cabin crew (Air hostess Flight Stewart), Sales Representative, Cargo Management, Airline Ticket Agent, Ramp Planner, Airport Manager
  • Travel industry: Travel agency sales and operations, Escorting & Guiding, Event management, Corporate Travel officer, Tour Guide, Travel Agent, Liaison Officer
  • Cruise lines sales and operations
  • Hotels: Accommodation Operations, Food and beverage service operations and front office department.
  • Restaurant, Fast Food Joint, Banquet, Health and Recreation center Management.
  • National Tourism Office
  • Government organizations like IRCTC
  • Govt. Jobs: District tourist officer, Tourism information center, Tourism Inspector, Govt. certified tour Guide
  • Entrepreneurial start-ups (travel agencies, event management ventures etc.)

Prospective Companies

Prospective Companies where student would get opportunity to work after completion of B. Sc. Airlines, Tourism and Hospitality Program :

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