GNA University Research and Development Cell

GNA University Research and development cell, GU-RDC (previously known as Research Division) has been Established in the year 2016 to monitor PhD program and Research at the institute. To promote excellence in education, Research at GNA University is promoted with a clear approach to bringing quality in the research and providing solutions to the problems that exist in society. The University allocates a budget to various research activities in every session for investment and research expenditure.

University departments conduct various Seminars/ Workshops/ Conferences from time to time to encourage its faculty members and students to research participation.

Functions of GU-RDC

GNA University Research and development cell takes care of the following:

  • University has its own Consultancy Policy and Research Policy. Research Advisory Committee has been established in the year 2016 with well-defined role of its members in the PhD Regulations.
  • Promotes research at university by providing seed money to faculty for research projects since 2020.
  • Signs MoUs and conduct various activities in collaboration to industries, academic and research institutions.
  • Encouraging research oriented faculty members to submit research proposals to national agencies.
  • Etablished GU-Technology Business Incubator (GU-TBI) and IPR cell that deals with university-industry linkage and innovation and Entrepreneurship Development
  • University faculty effectively uses Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and have well defined consultancy policy to provide industrial consultancy.
  • Research Students and research oriented faculty are allowed to use research institutions and laboratories for research purpose

About Us


GNA University- Technology Business Incubator (GU-TBI) is established by GNA University with the vision to address the appetite that converts an idea into startups which may affect millions in a productive way and help create a future breed of Entrepreneurs. GU-TBI has been registered as Society under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 with the name ‘GNA University-Technology Business Incubator’. GU-TBI support start-ups related to Agri-Tech, Internet of Things (IOT) & Automation, Drone Technology and EV Vehicles.

Pro vice Chancellor Message

We at GNA University are pledged to nurture the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship among our students and other aspirants through our Technology Business Incubator (GU-TBI). GU-TBI primarily provides them the office space, mentoring support, lab facilities, and a pool of industry experts helping them to kick start their startups. Besides, GU-TBI also extends full financial support in terms of soft loans/ Seed money to the early stage startups till the final commercialization stage. We also encourage young aspirants to be a part of the Incubation Innovation Center to get end-to-end hand-holding for their startups.

I invite the students, team workers, innovators and budding entrepreneurs to be a part of GU-TBI to turn their dreams into reality.

Facilities Available at GU-TBI:

  • Well Furnished
  • Fully AC Office Space with Wi-Fi Access for Start-ups
  • 3-D Printing Lab
  • Simulation Lab
  • Manufacturing Lab
  • Design Labs
  • Prototyping Lab
  • Mentoring Support
  • Co-Working Spaces
  • Pre-Seed/Seed Funding Support
  • Mentor Network

Our Core Team

Head Incubation

Name: Mr. Kamaljeet Kainth

Designation: Head Incubation Center, GNA University Technology Business Incubator (GU-TBI)

Expertise: Design Thinking and Innovation, IOT, Artificial Intelligence, Managing Startups

Qualification: M.Tech, B.E (Electronics & Communication)

Experience in Years: 6 years

Student Advisory Board GU-TBI

Marketing Team

Name: Karandeep Daffu
Semester Branch: MBA 2
Designation: Marketing Executive (Trainee)

Name: Tanujvir Singh
Semester Branch: MBA 2
Designation: Marketing Associate (Trainee)

Name: Shristhi Thakur
Semester Branch: MBA 2
Designation: Marketing Executive (Trainee)

Name: Kavya
Semester Branch: BBA Sem 2
Designation: Marketing Assistant (Trainee)

Social Media & Promotion Team

Name: Amit Kumar
Semester Branch: BSC A/M Sem 4
Designation: Social Media & Promotion Executive

Name: Lajpat Rai Sharma
Semester Branch: BSC A/M Sem 4
Designation: Social Media & Promotion Associate (Trainee)

Name: Manpreet Kaur
Semester Branch: BSC A/M Sem 4
Designation: Social Media & Promotion Associate (Trainee)

Name: Aseem Maurya
Semester Branch: B.Tech CSE 4
Designation: Social Media & Promotion Associate (Trainee)

Name: Harpreet Kaur
Semester Branch: BSC A/M 2nd Sem
Designation: Social Media & Promotion Assistant (Trainee)

Innovation & Technical Project(s) Team

Name: Brayan Rai
Semester Branch: B.Tech CSE 6
Designation: Innovation & Technical Project(s) Executive

Name: Suruchi
Semester Branch: B.Tech CSE 6
Designation: Innovation & Technical Project(s) Associate

Name: Jaurjena Parmar
Semester Branch: B.Tech CSE 6
Designation: Innovation & Technical Project(s) Associate

Name: Ranjodh Singh
Semester Branch: B.Tech CSE 8
Designation: Innovation & Technical Project(s) Associate

Name: Sapreet Kaur
Semester Branch: B.Tech CSE 6
Designation: Innovation & Technical Project(s) Assistant (Trainee)

Name: Arshpreet Singh
Semester Branch: B.Tech CSE 4
Designation: Innovation & Technical Project(s) Assistant (Trainee)

Name: Gagandeip Singh
Semester Branch: B.Tech CSE 4
Designation: Innovation & Technical Project(s) Assistant (Trainee)

Accounts Team

Name: Rishabh Kaura
Semester Branch: B. Com 4
Designation: Accounts Executive (Trainee)

Name: Sonali
Semester Branch: BBA Sem 2
Designation: Accounts Assocaite (Trainee)

Operations Team

Name: Manpreet Singh
Semester Branch: BOAT Sem 2
Designation: Operations Executive (Trainee)

Name: Shubhkaran
Semester Branch: Bhmct sem 6
Designation: Operations Associate (Trainee)

Name: Urvashi
Semester Branch: Bhmct sem 6
Designation: Operations Associate (Trainee)

Name: Jaskaran Singh
Semester Branch: B. Tech. CSE 2
Designation: Operations Assistant (Trainee)

Name: Palak Thakur
Semester Branch: BOAT 2
Designation: Operations Assistant (Trainee)


Our Incubate

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The Institution's Innovation Council established at GNA University intends to strengthen the academia-industry linkage and endeavours to render an analytical business solution.

GU-IIC motive is to develop a culture of Innovation and Research within the students and school of the institute and also to provide accessibility and support with the profound innovators and entrepreneurs to help and support the innovators of the campus.

For the procedure and details of the GU-IIC Cell please refer to the National Innovation and Start up Policy.


GNA University has established GU-IPR Cell to guide and facilitate the service of patent filing. The students, research scholars, faculty, innovators, and startups can secure their inventions, by filling:

For Students

Students of GNA University can undergo various innovative projects and can protect their novel ideas by filling patents through the GU-IPR Cell of GNA University.

For Faculty

Faculty/Staff of GNA University can file a utility patent, Design Patent, or Copyright for securing their inventions. GU-IPR Cell will help them to draft, file, and publish the patent and also facilitate the service till the grant of the patent is.

For Innovators/Startup

Innovators/Startup(s) can protect their novel solutions to any problem by filling utility patents, Design Patents, Copyright, and trademarks to not only secure their novel ideas but also to have an edge over other going startups. Having an IPR is an additional asset of a company.

Where to Approach for Patent Filling?

Faculty/Staff/Students can share their novel ideas with GU-IPR Cell at GU-IPR Cell will take care of the full confidentiality of your idea and process the ideas after signing a non-disclosure form

More information about the eligibility, process, and terms & conditions can be found in GU-IPR Policy under the Policies Section

Published Patent, Design Record 2020-2021 Patent Sheet

S.No. Title of the Patent Filled Patent Application No. Year of Publication
1 A Novel Phenotypic anitimicrobial Resistance Testing Using Cost Effective Integrated Biochip 202031036654 2020
2 IOT based healthcare queue management system 202011045104 2020
3 Machine Learning Algorithm based intelligent health care system for fast and accurate service 202111052333 2021


Centre for Innovation (GU-CI)

Centre for Innovation (GU-CI) is Centre at GNA University. Phagwara dedicated to promote and support the innovation, entrepreneurship and Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) among the students, staff and faculty. GU-CI is encouraging an ecosystem of knowledge driven enterprises to establish and prosper under organized scientific guidance. The prime objective of GU-CI to inculcate the spirit of design thinking, innovation, creativity, startup and entrepreneurship in students from the very first semester of their various diploma/graduation/master level. GU-CI has following programs for students/innovators:

a). Project to Product (P2P)

The unique program will provide the guidance and handholding to the innovate project ideas. Further, the ideas will be converted into prototypes which may generate various Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) or may be passed to pre-incubation for nurturing them into startups under the guidance of GU-TBI.

b). Skill Development Program

This program is designed with the aim of “Student for Students” to develop the technical skills of the budding innovators/students of various schools of Jalandhar, Kapurthala, SBS Nagar and Hoshiarpur region. This program offers various workshops/seminars/webinars on recent technologies like Artificial Intelligence/Internet of Things/Home Automation and etc. These seminars and hands on workshops will be delivered by the trained students of GU under the guidance of trained school of specific domain.

CIC, formerly known as Central Instrumentation Center at GNA University, Phagwara. The complete facilities of CIC, are working in unison in the service of research and also for imparting practical training to the students through workshops. The Centre also undertakes the design, fabrication and repair of electronic instruments required by students and teachers from the University and the colleges around. It also runs training programmes in technical skills for the benefit of scientific community and associated laboratory staff from different institutions.

The detail of technical configuration of equipments available in Animation Studio is as follows:

S.No. Name of the Equipment / Technical Infrastructure Quantity Technical Configuration Company ( or Brand) Description
1 Cooling Centrifuge 1 Model: T-60, Laby, Angle Rotor 8x15ml, Max. Speed 16000 rpm, LCD display, digital timer, digital speed indicator, safety lid lock. HC Memorial Used for separation and purification of blood samples and protein sample in large quantities.
2 Biological Incubator Shaker 1 Temperature range 5 degree C to 60 deg C with lighting arrangement, Usable Space in MM 600 X 600 X 600, Capacity 8 cu. Ft, Approx Volume (Ltr) 230, No. of Shelves 2, Temperature Range 5°C to 60°C (Resolution 0.1°C), Temp. Controller By Microprocessor Based PID Digital Temperature Indicator cum Controller, Shaking amplitude 25 mm, RPM Display Digital, Shaking Speed Variable speed from 20 RPM to 250 RPM, Temp. Accuracy +1°C Temp, Display: LED Display for Set Value(SV) and Process Value (PV), Relay Solid-state electronic relay with protective heat sink, Air Circulation By forced convection system Insulation By High-density PUF insulation Operations Nearly silent operation with ultra-low vibration, Electric Supply 220/230V AC, 50/60Hz HC Memorial Used for growth of just about any kind of cell including bacterial cultures, tissue cultures, and yeast
3 Laminar Air Flow 1 HEPA filter efficiency 99.97% down to 0.3 micron, fluorescent light illumination, UV germicidal lamp, balanced power with motor, micro processor controlled unit HC Memorial Used in laboratories for contamination sensitive processes like plant tissue culture. Other laboratories processes like media plate preparation and culture of organisms can be performed inside the cabinet.
4 Vertical Autoclave 1 Inner diameter 300X550mm Stainless Steel Lining HC Memorial Used for sterilization of various media and cultures
5 Weighing Balance Digital 1 Analytical Cap. 500gms, Sens 1mmgm, with wind shield and battery backup HC Memorial Used to measure mass or weight
6 Colony Counter Digital 1 Magnifier lens, Electric marking pen, vast place for displaying petriplate HC Memorial Used to count colonies of bacteria or other microorganisms on a plate containing a gelled growth medium
7 Hot Air Oven 1 Temperature up to 250 ºC Accuracy + 1ºC double-walled, inner chamber of stainless steel, elements on three sides.
Chamber Size: 900x600x600 (36"x24"x24")
Optional Requirement :
i. Air circulating fan
ii. Timer 0-24 hours
iii. Digital Temp. Indicator-cum-Controller
iv. Voltage Stablilizer
HC Memorial Hot air ovens use extremely high temperatures over several hours to destroy microorganisms and bacterial spores. The ovens use conduction to sterilize items by heating the outside surfaces of the item, which then absorbs the heat and moves it towards the center of the item
8 Hot Plate 1 Heating elements- placed underneath insulated, temperature controller-energy regulator, temperature range- continues heating upto 350ºC, Electric supply- 220/230V, 56060Hz HC Memorial Used for heating and boiling the solvents
9 Microscope Medical 1 Infinity optical system, Eyepieces- Focusable widefield eyepiece 10x/20mm with foldable eye guard, antifungal, Objectives- IP series Infinity DIN PLAN Achromatic, Anti fungus treated, 4x/NA 0.10, 10x/NA 0.25, 40x/NA 0.65 SL. 100x (Oil, SL). Optional 20x/ NA 0.40 SL, 60x/NA 0.85 SL, Stage-
Rackless X axis, double plate stage size 222 x 160mm, X/Y travel, range 78mm x 54mm. Low drive right hand movement controls. Double specimen holder, Focusing Module- Ergonomic low position co-axial coarse and fine focusing system on ball bearing guideways. Tension adjustment ring, Nosepiece- Quadruple, Revolving Inward Facing Nosepiece , with rubber grip, Condenser- Movable ABBE condenser, with aspheric lens NA 1.25, daylight blue filter & Iris diaphragm. Centrable, Illumination- Koehler Illumination, Super Bright White LED cold Light, Universal Power Supply 100 V to 240 V,AC 50-60 Hertz, CE Compliant. Optional With Battery Backup, Optional Accessories-
Flip Top Condenser, Phase Contrast Kit, Dark Field Kit, Fluorescence attachment, Green filter, Polarizing kit, Video adapter, Photo adapters for 35mm SLR camera, CCD Camera and Digital Still Camera, 10x Photo eyepiece
Labovision Used to magnify small objects. It can be used to observe an object at the cellular level, to see the shape of a cell, its nucleus, mitochondria, and other organelles.
10 Magnetic Stirrer 1 Working surface material- Aluminium alloy, Length of magnetic stirring element- 10–50 mm, Max. stirring liquid viscosity, up to 1170 mPa.s, Fault indication- Outputs sound signal and turns off the heating, Power consumption (Stirring)- 8.5 W, Power consumption (Heating)- 550 W, Nominal operating voltage- 230 V; 50/60 Hz or 120 V; 50/60 Hz, magnetic bead include. HC Memorial Used to make a stir bar, immerse in a liquid, quickly spin, or stirring or mixing a solution,
11 pH Meter digital 1 Accuracy pH mV °C, ± 0.01 pH ± 1 mV, Temperature Compensation- Manual : 0 to 100°C, Input Impedance- > 10 ohms, Slope Control-80 to 120%, 12V DC using 230V + 10% AC, Combination pH Electrode, Buffer Tablets 4 pH & 7 pH, Operation Manual, Buffer Bottles (4 & 7 pH), Dust Cover, Electrode Stand HC Memorial Used to accurately measure and record the pH values of liquids. Measuring pH allows one to determine the acidity or alkalinity of a substance in a liquid state.
12 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer 1 Model LI-2704, Wavelenghth range- 190-1100nm, double beam, wavelength setter- auto resolution 0.1nm, , scan speed- high, medium, low, stability- ±0.001A/h, Detector- Silicon photodiode, Lamps- tungsten lamp, PC Software- UV Analyst scanning software. Lasany Used to measure the optical density of the solutions
13 Water Bath Electrical 1 Size inside (stainless steel) 355X405X100mm 12 holes of 75mm dia. Capacity Approx. - 15ltrs. Additional Requirements:
(i) Imported thermostat
(ii) Digital temperature indicator cum controller
HC Memorial Used for heating the samples, solvents and solutions at optimal temperature.
14 Water Distillation Glass 1 pH : 5.0 - 6.5, Conductivity, µScm-1:3.0 - 4.0, Resistivity, MΩ-cm:0.25-0.3, Temp: 25 - 35°C, Pyrogen content * : Pyrogen free. Water supply:1 liter/min, 3 - 100psi, (20-700kPa), Electricity supply : 220 or 240V, 50-60Hz, 1-Ø HC Memorial Used for batch production of high purity water.

Since past few years, Animation and Multimedia industries have witnessed a rapid growth. Thus, the need for creative professionals has grown many folds.

GNA University continuously endeavours to impart quality education in the field of multimedia & animation. In this perspective, the Animation & Multimedia Studio of the University offers the students, state-of-the-art technical equipments required for the creation of digital or animated projects by nurturing their creative skills to support meaningful practical training for coherent understanding of indigenous design thought and praxis.

The detail of technical configuration of equipments available in Animation Studio is as follows:

S.No. Name of the Equipment / Technical Infrastructure Quantity Technical Configuration Company ( or Brand ) Description
1 DSLR Camera 1 Canon 1300D with 18-55 MM lense Canon Used for Teaching Photography, Cinematography and Camera Angles
2 DSLR Camera 1 Canon 650D with 18-200 MM lense Canon Used for Teaching Photography, Cinematography and Camera Angles
3 DSLR Camera 1 Canon 550D with 18-200 MM lense Canon Used for Teaching Photography, Cinematography and Camera Angles
4 DSLR Camera 1 Canon 6D with 24-105 MM Lense Canon Used for Teaching Photography, Cinematography and Camera Angles
5 DSLR Lense 1 55 – 250 MM Lense Canon Used with DSLR Cameras
6 DSLR Lense 2 18-270,28-300 MM Lense Tamron Used with DSLR Cameras
7 Strobe Light 2 Strobe light with soft box Elinchrom Used for Teaching Lighting
8 Strobe Light stand 2 Strobe light with soft box stand - Light stands to support the Lights
9 Beauty Dish 1 Beauty Dish for light - Used for Teaching Lighting
10 Savage 1 White Savage(Back drop) - Used for Teaching Photography
11 Savage Stand 2 White Savage Stand - Savage stands to support savage
12 Chroma 1 Green Chroma Backdrop - Used to shoot videos or Photographs with Chroma Background
13 Chroma Stand 2 Chroma Backdrop Stand - Chroma stands to support Chroma backdrop
14 Mic 1 3.5 MM DSLR Mount Mic Rode Used for recording audio
15 Speed Transmitter 1 El-Skyport (Strobe Transmitter) Elinchrom Used to control strobe Lights while doing Photography
16 Card Reader 1 Card Reader Transcent To transfer data from memory cards
17 Memory Card 4 32 GB SDHC Memory Card Sandisk Storage for photographs and Video shoots
18 Tripod 1 VCT-988rm Tripod Simpex Tripods for Cameras for photography and Video shoot
19 Tripod 2 VCT-r640, VCT-r100 Sony Tripods for Cameras for photography and Video shoot
19 Tripod 1 WT330B - Tripods for Cameras for photography and Video shoot
20 Lightbox 1 White Light box - For doing product photography

In this contemporary era, the business decisions are data and technology driven. Thus, it becomes all the more crucial to equip the students and faculty members to have proficiency in using modern day statistical softwares for comprehensive data analysis and meaningful representation.
At GNA University, the Business Lab offers the students / scholars, access to statistical softwares for pertinent data analysis. The statistical softwares play a crucial role in carrying out market research, surveys, data mining, etc. with higher order proficiency for proposing need based solutions.

The Business Lab of the University is fully equipped with the state-of-the-art technical hardware equipments and latest technology based softwares which helps the students to do hands-on-practice.

The detail of licensed software packages available in Business Lab is as follows:

S.No. Name of the Software Remarks
1 SPSS (Statistical Packages for Social Sciences) Perpetual license

About SPSS

IBM SPSS Statistics is the world’s leading statistical software used to solve business and research problems by means of ad-hoc analysis, hypothesis testing, and predictive analytics. The SPSS Statistics delivers the core capabilities needed for end-to-end analytics.

Research based databases help the research scholar in understanding the theme of the research in a more meaningful way, as a research database provides access to several journals which the researcher can use for retrieving information for several academic and research purposes. These research databases comprehensively cover the scholarly contribution made by previous researchers and are widely available in the online mode. As the search in these databases are more refined and methodological, thus helps the scholars to be more specific and systematic in their desired area of research.

At GNA University, the availability of research database provides unique platform to the students / scholars to access the global e-journal literature which will enhance the effectiveness of their desk research. The detail of licensed research / statistical database available at the University level is as follows:

S.No. Name of the Research Databases Remarks
1 J-Gate IP based access

About J-Gate

J-Gate is a comprehensive database & gateway to access research information from over 56 Million journal articles with access to 11 million full text articles covering multiple subject domains. The prominent features include the following:

  • 1) All journals are indexed cover to cover with each article having links to full text.
  • 2) Articles carry author email addresses for the researchers to connect with them.
  • 3) Customized platform for configuring library subscribed journal and user favorite journals
  • 4) Unified platform to discover all subscribed journals through a single interface.

GNA University offers modern auditorium with ample seating capacity equipped with latest audio-video equipments for conduct of various curricular and

co-curricular functions. The detail of infrastructural equipments is as follows:

S.No. Name of the Equipment / Technical Infrastructure Qty Technical Configuration
1 Projector EPSON EB-980W (WXGA) 1 HD
2 Projector Screen 1 Motorised 10X8
3 Network Cabling 550MTR CAT6
4 Network Switch 1 24 Port POE GS-724-TP
5 HDMI Cable 2 20MTR
6 HDMI Cable 2 5MTR
9 Power Extension 1 5 Ports
10 Professional Mixer 1 Ahuja PMX-1632FX
11 Amplifier 1 Ahuja LXA-4500 DUAL
12 Amplifier 1 Ahuja DXA-3502
13 Amplifier 1 Ahuja DXA-1802
14 One Step Steplizer 1 10KVA
15 HDMI Splitter 1 4K HD 1x4
16 HD Lights 10 HD
17 HD Lights 10 Colored
18 Light Controller 1 10x10
19 24DB LINKWITZ Riley 1 Crossover
20 Hand Wireless Mic Set 1 Ahuja AWM-700U2
21 Podium Wireless Mic Set 1 Ahuja AWM-630VG
22 Speaker 8 Ahuja VX400 400 W
23 Bass Woofer 2 Speakers WX-1000W

About Us

GNA University – Developing your potential is integral part of our curriculum fostering the paradigms of multiple intelligence, the top private University in north India.