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Program Specific Outcomes:

Critically interact with works from different contexts: social, political, economic, historical and national and enhance the level of critical thinking.
Inculcate awareness of the inter-disciplinary nature of contemporary criticism.
Get sensitized with the critical tools used in the reading of literature.
Develop sensible response to great classics in translation and fine tune analytical skills with a view to achieving a broad, wholesome vision of life.
Become capable of interpreting and exploring relationships from the points of view of different people.

About Masters of Arts (English)

The field of arts covers a very broad and wide aspect of study which makes it complementary to every other field of education. Arts is regarded as a very versatile field with an endless prospectus.

GNA University presents a Masters of Arts to enlighten students through the learning of English Language and endeavors that the students can enhance their critical and analytical mindset with an appreciation for literature.

The program offers a comprehensive study of English Literature Arts which include Indian literature, foreign literature, English communication, business communication, and many more.

Beyond focusing on academic elements GU program goes on to focus on personal development, communication, and confidence in preparation for their career.

Program Outcomes:

Ability to enhance critical thinking of students.
An ability to apply discipline specific knowledge to the text and the socio-political context.
Potential to learn the evolution of language and the politics.
To instill a critical perspective of approaching the disciplines.
Ability to cultivate language skills by introducing various structures of language through a wide variety of literary works.
To find connections and continuities of the past and present as well as identify disjuncture in these traditions.
To critically understand and analyze poetry across a wide range of literary age and context.
To understand distinctive features of novels, shorter fiction and essays and relate the texts and contexts to real life.
To respond appropriately in discussion, state their views clearly and accept differences in opinion amicably.
To identify research topics, appropriate methods and sources for research and deal ethically with sources

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