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India, as a nation, is often quoted to offer a vast variety of indulgences when it comes to Art, Culture, History, Food, Architecture and Heritage. What perhaps usually goes unnoticed is its landscape for education. While many Indians flock to other countries for their higher studies, recent years have marked a change in trends as a large chunk of foreign nationals are choosing India as their ideal destination for higher studies.

India is home to more than 800 universities, 37000+ colleges and more than 11000 stand-alone institutions which include private as well as public institutes. What transforms India into an ideal destination for higher studies is our cost-effective education system, global recognition of degrees, scientific method of teaching, a plethora of subjects and university/college options to select from and highly skilled and trained faculty members from their respective fields.

A quick glance at statistics will validate the claim that India is a rising and growing hub of higher studies. The QS Asia University Rankings 2022 featured 116 top universities of India and 20 found their way into the top 200. With pioneering institutes including but not limited to Indian Institutes of Technology, Indian Institutes of Management, University of Delhi, and University of Calcutta among many others, the Indian higher education system offers international quality education. India as higher education system is the largest preceding only by China and the US.


  • Step 1

    Register yourself by visiting https://www.gnauniversity.edu.in/international-guidelines and clicking on

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  • Step 2

    Download the Application Form from download section. Fill it and upload it with the required documents for eligibility verification. You are required to send the application form with the document at email iso@gnauniversity.edu.in

  • Step 3

    After the eligibility verification by the university, an offer letter (Conditional / Unconditional) shall be issued and sent to your registered email id.

  • Step 4

    Once you receive the offer letter, make the payment as prescribed in the offer letter by bank transfer/ wire transfer/ online payment and submit the receipt along with your System ID at iso@gnauniversity.edu.in

  • Step 5

    After the confirmation of the fees received by the University accounts, an Acceptance letter ( visa letter) and a bonafide letter will be issued which is required to apply for the Student Visa at the nearest Indian Embassy/ High Commission in your home country. Kindly read the important information as mentioned in the acceptance letter for your post-arrival requirements.

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