Bachelor of Science in Medical is a three year undergraduate course that is chosen by students who took PCM/B in their higher secondary school. This course aims to provide the students an in depth understanding of Chemistry, botany and zoology in six semester. After completion of this three year degree course student may pursue career in research by undergoing higher studies, teaching, medical industry and hospitals.
B.Sc. in Medical graduates can get placed in any pharmaceutical, medical, hospitals, nursing homes, medical camps or school and college laboratories. They work in labs and conduct safe testing of experiments. After working in some reputed firm, they can get placed in research centers across India. They work and monitor closely the activities happening in the lab.


  • Pass out students of the program will use their breadth and depth of knowledge and skills in the fundamental disciplines of chemistry, botany and zoology to pursue successful professional careers.
  • Students will learn from the basics to the advance knowledge in subjects to conduct experiments and practical approach in different fields.


B.Sc. (Medical) is the advanced and specialized branch of science in which students deal with main and advanced courses with hands on practice in concerned labs. There are plenty of career pathways which a student can opt after completion of the course.

Career Pathways :

  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • hospitals
  • healthcare centers
  • ...

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Prospective Government & Private Sector Companies where student can work after completion of B.Sc. (Medical)
Employers who recruit candidates from Bachelor of Science (Medical) in government hospitals and in others places which are tabulated below:

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