Date Activities
8th Aug. 2022 Start of Classes of Old Batches
16th Aug. 2022 Start of Classes of Batch 2022
26th Sept. 2022 to 1st Oct. 2022 Mid Semester Examinations I
14th Nov. 2022 to 19th Nov. 2022 Semester Examinations II
10th December 2022 End of Teaching
12th Dec. 2022 to 17th Dec. 2022 Preparatory Holidays and Practical Exams
19th Dec. 2022 to 31st Dec. 2022 End Semester Examination
9th January 2023 University reopens for even semester
13th March 2023 to 18th March Mid Semester Examination
13th May 2023 End of Teaching
15th May 2023 to 20th May 2023 PREPARATORY HOLIDAYS or PRACTICAL EXAMS
22nd May 2023 to 3rd June 2023 End Semester Examination
If there will be any student on training after the start date, the same will be considered individually.

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