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The M.Sc. (IT) course is of 4-semester duration and designed to deliver via best approach tutelage. This tailor-made course will let the student pick up skills in the latest frameworks, tools and technologies used in the I.T sector and research field. The course is especially designed for the computer graduate students to strengthen and to amplify the innovative thinking skills by self-directed learning. It’s miles are designed for learners to build the robust fundamental knowledge within the field of I.T.
International Global Certifications available in:

  • Certification in Ethical Hacking from EC Council University, USA
  • Certification in Cloud Computing and Infrastructure from AWS Amazon
  • Certification in Networking from Juniper
  • Certification in Digital Marketing from Hubspot

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  • To understand the basic theory of computer science and information technology through algorithms, data sciences, data structures, data handling, machine learning, data communication and computational theory.
  • Develop ability to analysis the new situations in the research field through innovative power of self-learning.
  • Demonstrating the practice of professional ethics and the concerns for social welfare.
  • The students will undertake 6 weeks training at industry-applicable projects with latest research inputs provided by the university before the last semester.
  • Milestone to Junior Research Fellowship offered by both CSIR and UGC for doctoral studies or for assistance in various governments funded projects.


One of the biggest benefits that the computer and IT industry provides in India is the employment it can generate.According to an article in the Times of India, India's liberalization was possible due to its IT industry.The article states that the IT sector is one of the top two industries in the country today.The IT industry is a key part of the country’s economy. In 2017, information technology and its various subsectors represented almost eight percent of the nation’s overall GDP. In financial year 2019, this industry generated an annual revenue close to 180 billion U.S. dollars in India alone. Now a days, it is an industry that thrives globally, and India's IT exports are around $70 billion with 2.8 million employees working in this sector. ...

Career Pathways:

  • Programmers and Software Consultants
  • Software Application Development, Testing and Maintenance
  • System Analysts and Database Administrators
  • Independent Software Developers and Entrepreneurs
  • Hardware Engineer
  • ...

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