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Engineering is a creative profession and a pursuit of innovation at GNA University providing diverse branches like Aerospace, Civil, Electronics and Communication, Mechanical, Mechatronics, Robotics and Mechanical &Automation Engineering. The main focus of Faculty of Engineering is the versatile development of its future technocrats so that they can compete at international levels and can cater to face the global challenges.

The FEDA at GNA University is established to help the growing need for Industrial Automation, Concept Designing and CAD/CAM to excel in Aerospace, Civil CAD Program. Programs at FEDA are updated as per modern industry needs and as per global requirements.

FEDA creates opportunities for students to explore fundamentals of how to approach and create innovative solutions to realistic problems. Projects are integral part of the Curriculum.

All programs provide hands-on learning that prepares students for career and life success. Applied research activities help innovate the technical professionals and industries, improve their products and processes and become more competitive.

Our Vision

To uniquely position the Faculty as a leader in innovation and excellence in Engineering.

Our Mission

The Faculty of Engineering provides its graduates with top quality education in engineering and preparing them to practice their professions competently to meet the ever-changing needs of society. Excellence and diversity in research and build on our strong collaboration with industry. The Faculty encourages a spirit of entrepreneurship amongst its students To provide a learning environment that promotes excellence and innovation, ethical practice and responsibility towards society.

Core Values

  • As a professional faculty, we are individually and collectively committed to the codes of ethics that govern the engineering professions.
  • We place students at the core of our educational mission;
  • We strive for excellence in research;
  • We are committed to a culture built on respect and fair treatment of the individual and to equal opportunities to our students and personnel;
  • We adhere to and demonstrate honesty and integrity in all the activities in which we engage;
  • We are committed to the highest standards of personal honour, fairness, and trustworthiness;
  • We maintain independent judgement and avoid all conflicts of interest.

Faculty Members

S. No. Name of the Teacher Designation Educational Qualification
1 Dr. Vikrant Sharma Professor Ph.D(ECE),M.Tech, B.Tech
2 Mr. C.R.Tripathy Professor M.tech (Mehnical),B.Tech(Mechnical)
3 Dr. Anuranjan Sharda Professor Ph.D,M.Tech (Industial ),B.Tech (ME)
4 Mr. Prabhjeet Singh Assistant Professor M.Tech(Aerospace),B.Tech
5 Mr. Vaibhav Sharma Assistant Professor M.Tech (Avionics),B.Tech (Aerospace Engg.),Lean Management Diploma of 6 six months
6 Mr. Rajesh Kumar Assistant Professor M.Tech((Thermal Engg.), B.E. (Mech.)
7 Mr. Gagandeep Singh Assistant Professor M.Tech(Mechanical,B.Tech
8 Ms. Kalpana Dogra Assistant Professor M.Tech,B.Tech(Mechnical)
9 Mr. Mandeep Singh Assistant Professor *Ph.D, M.Tech, B.Tech
10 Dr. Abhineet Goyal Assistant Professor Post doc,Phd.,MS,M.Sc,B.Sc,
11 Mr. Jitender Dhiman Assistant Professor M.sc(Chemistry),B.Sc(Chemistry,Ph.D pursuing
12 Mr. Jaseesh Singh Assistant Professor M.Tech,B.Tech(Civil)
13 Mr. Gurpreet Singh Assistant Professor M.Tech (Structural Engg.),B.Tech (Civil Engg.)
14 Mr. Harpinder Pal Singh Assistant Professor M.Tech(Civil),B.Tech (Civil)
15 Mr. Hardev Singh Assistant Professor M.Tech(Civil),B.Tech (Civil)
16 Mr. Manvir Singh Assistant Professor M.Tech(Civil),B.Tech (Civil)
17 Mr. DA. Siddharth Assistant Professor Masters in Transport Design, B.E(Automobile)
18 Mr. Manpreet Singh Assistant Professor ME,B.Tech(ECE),GATE,NET
19 Mr. Kamaljeet Kainth Assistant Professor M.Tech (ECE),BE
20 Mr. Mandeep Singh Heer Assistant Professor M.Tech(ECE),B.Tech(ECE)
21 Ms. Rashmi Assistant Professor M.Tech(ECE),B.Tech
22 Ms. Samridhi Assistant Professor M.Tech (ECE),B.Tech(ECE)
23 Mr. Parul Preet Singh Assistant Professor *Ph.D, M.Tech, B.Tech
24 Ms. Puneet Kalsi Assistant Professor M.Tech (ECE),B.Tech (ECE)
25 Ms. Vaishali Assistant Professor M.Tech(ECE),B.Tech
26 Mr. Mandip Singh Assistant Professor M.Tech (Electrical),B.Tech (Electrical)
27 Mr. Prince Kumar Assistant Professor ME(CAD/CAM),B.Tech(Mech.),Pursuing Ph.d.
28 Ms. Kamini Verma Assistant Professor MA (English)& Pol. Sci.,BA,B.Ed
29 Ms. Manpardeep Kaur Assistant Professor Msc. Physics,Bsc. NM
30 Mr. Ranvir singh Assistant Professor Pursuing P.h.D,M.Tech,B.tech
31 Mr. Uttam Kumar Assistant Professor M.Tech(Mech). B.Tech
32 Mr. Rahul Joshi Assistant Professor M.Tech(Production Engg.),B.Tech(Production Engg.)
33 Mr. Yogesh Kumar Sharma Assistant Professor M.Tech(Production engg.),B.E(Mechnical)
34 Mr. Paprinder Singh Assistant Professor M.Tech(Mechincal),B.Tech(Mechnical)
35 Mr. Sourav Bhatia Assistant Professor M.Tech (Manufacturing),B.Tech (Mechanical)
36 Mr. Suraj Kalia Assistant Professor M.Tech(Mech.),B.Tech(Mech.)
37 Mr. Amanpreet Singh Assistant Professor M.Tech (Production),B.Tech Mechanical
38 Mr. Satbir Singh Assistant Professor M.Tech(Mechanical),B.Tech
39 Ms. Gurleen Kaur Assistant Professor M.Tech(ECE),B.Tech
40 Mr. Virender Singh Assistant Professor M.Tech(Mech.),B.Tech(Mech.)
41 Mr. Amit Kalia Lecturer B.Design
42 Mr. Amrit Kumar Lecturer Diploma in Advance CAD/CAM in CATIA, Diploma in Mechanical
43 Mr. Gurmeet Chand Lecturer Diploma(Civil)
44 Mr. Amit Sharma Lecturer B.Tech,Diploma
45 Mr. Neeraj Kumar Lecturer B.Tech(Mech)
46 Mr. Sandeep Singh Lecturer B.Tech(Mech)Integrated Programme in CAD/CAM
47 Mr. Anurag Godara Lecturer B.Tech(Mech)Integrated Programme in CAD/CAM
48 Mr. Deepak Kumar Lecturer B.Tech(Mech)
49 Mr. Gaurav Kumar Lecturer B.Tech(Mech)
50 Mr. Rohit Sharma Lecturer B.Tech (Mechanical)
51 Mr. Ravi Singh Lecturer B.Tech (Mechanical)
52 Mr. Prateek Singh Manhas Lecturer B.Tech (Mechanical)
53 Mr. H.Nripendra Kumar Mishra Lecturer B.Tech (Mechanical)
54 Ms. Jasmit Kaur Teaching Assistant M.Phill(Chemistry),Msc. Chemistry,Bsc. NM
55 Mr. Satwinder Singh Dhiman Teaching Assistant B. Arch
56 Ms. Manjit Kaur Teaching Assistant Msc. Mathematics,BSc. Economics, B.Ed
57 Ms. Jasmeet Kaur Teaching Assistant MSc (Chemistry, B.Sc (Chemistry)
58 Mr. Rakesh Kashav Teaching Assistant B.Tech(Mechnical)
59 Mr. Yogesh Thakur Teaching Assistant Pursuing(M.Tech),B.Tech(Mechanical)
60 Ms. Deepika Teaching Assistant M.Sc(Math), B.Sc(Non-Medical),B.Ed
61 Ms. Manpreet Kaur Teaching Assistant MSC, BSC
62 Ms. Manila Teaching Assistant MSc . Physics,BSc. CSE

Students of FEDA are visiting industry and aviation wing to have more realistic and panoramic view of their course. Such modules revamp not only technical knowledge of students; it also refines their leadership, interpersonal as well as communication skills.

We have industrial background of GNA Gears Ltd. has 70 Years of legacy in engineering and technology, is providing platform to familiarize the students with current trends and technologies in today’s scenario. To provide CAD, CAM, FDM and CAE knowledge to the students, we are associated with various software solution providers like PTC® University USA (CREO Parametric), Dassault Systemes (CATIA), Autodesk ARC (USA), SIEMENS PLM (NX and SolidEdge), Stratasys USA for RPT Solution.

Level Of Program Name Of Program Minimum Eligibility with 50% Marks
Post Graduate M. Tech. – Computer Science Engineering B.Tech. Computer Science Engineering or equivalent
Post Graduate M. Tech. – Civil Engineering B.Tech. Civil or equivalent
Post Graduate M. Tech. – Mechanical Engineering B.Tech. Mechanical or equivalent
Post Graduate M. Tech. – Electronics and Communication Engineering B.Tech ECE or equivalent
Graduate B. Tech. – Computer Science Engineering (With Specialization in - Big Data Analytics/Cyber Security/Mobile Computing/Cloud Computing) 12th Non Medical
Graduate B. Tech. – Mechanical Engineering 12th Non Medical
Graduate B. Tech. – Electronics and Communication Engineering 12th Non Medical
Graduate B. Tech. – Civil Engineering 12th Non Medical
Graduate B. Tech. – Aerospace Engineering 12th Non Medical
Graduate B. Tech. – Automotive Engineering 12th Non Medical
Graduate B. Tech. – Mechatronics Engineering 12th Non Medical
Graduate B.Tech. – Mechanical and Automation 12th Non Medical
Graduate Engineering 12th Non Medical
Graduate B.Tech Robotics and Automation Engineering 12th Non Medical
Graduate Bachelor of Design 12th Any Stream
Post Diploma Post Diploma in CAD/CAM Diploma in Mech. or equivalent
Certificate Advance Certificate Program in Civil CAD Diploma in Civil Engineering
Certificate Certificate Program in Integrated CAD/CAM Diploma in Mech. or equivalent
Certificate Certificate Program in CAD/CAM Diploma in Mech. or equivalent
Certificate Certificate Program in Civil CAD Diploma in Civil Engineering