This program prepares aspirants to work in the operation theatre as a competent reliable technologist.

Aspirants learn the utilization of numerous diagnostic equipment for example Ventilators, Monitors, Defibrillators, C-Arm etc.

Their main responsibility is to assist & help Doctors & Surgeons during surgery & emergency procedures.


With the continuous evolution of medical sciences, B.Sc. operation theatre Technology is one of the most prominent programs under the School of allied and health care sciences at GNA University. It is a skill-based course that maintains a high level of validity and is not time-bound, therefore guaranteeing the students to learn under the guidance of professional faculty and best provided up-to-date labs. The course has been started to be kept in mind the great demand for individuals who are uniquely trained within the line which leads to having an endless opportunity for students who wish to pursue OTT as a prospect. At GU this course also includes knowledge of disinfection and sterilization. The inbuilt structured course trains the students to assist surgeons and anesthetists in surgical procedures. OTT professionals can also get hired in the sales and marketing and central sterile services departments of healthcare facilities.


  • OT Technician
  • Government employee
  • Health Care Centre
  • Assistant Professor in Teaching Field

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