Diploma in Food Production

Diploma in Food Production

The program is designed in such a manner so as to inculcate expertise

About Diploma in Food Production

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The one year undergraduate diploma program is designed to develop the culinary skills amongst students and to prepare them ready for Catering and Hospitality Industry. The program is designed in such a manner so as to inculcate expertise and knowledge (both theoretical & practical) that will lead to creation of prospective chefs in the hotel industry.

The curriculum enriches the capabilities of students through intricately devised practical work so as to acquire skills and knowledge in the major department of food production. The program also develops essential culinary skills and knowledge to an applied level in a range of patisserie and bakery disciplines.

Program Highlights

  • The program will help the student to perform the standard operations of food production relating to various cuisines, to satisfy the guest needs.
  • The student will learn the use various commodities which will help them in creativity & innovation.
  • The program will comprehend the student to differentiate between the quality of commodities & ingredients which will help them in preparing a good quality final product.

Semester Wise Subjects

Semester 1

Sr. No. Course Title
1 Introduction to Professional Cookery
2 Basics of Bakery and Confectionary
3 Food Safety and Hygiene
4 Food Commodities
5 Introduction to Professional Cookery Lab
6 Basics of Bakery and Confectionary Lab

Semester 2

1 Regional Cuisines of India
2 Regional Cuisines of India Lab
3 Foreign Cuisines Lab
4 Advanced Patisserie Lab

Career Opportunity

There are enormous opportunities for the students in the fast growing hospitality industry upon completion of this Program :

  • Frontline Cooks in Hotels, Restaurants, Cruise lines, Airlines, Institutions and Catering Establishments, Entrepreneurs

Prospective Companies

Prospective Companies where student would get opportunity to work after completion of Diploma in Food Production Program :

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